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Gerard Way To Perform I Heart Radio Festival

103 The Vulcan is reporting that Gerard will be performing with Deadmau5 at the I Heart Radio Music Festival. For those of you unable to go you, like me, you will be able to watch live via the net!

Read more about the festival, its line up and how to watch the event live HERE!

Interview with Gerard Way and Deadmau5 In AP Magazine.

In AP Magazine’s issue #292 you can read an interview with Gerard Way and Deadmau5.

Source Cassie Whitt’s facebook.

Conventional Weapons Will Come In Downloads

Yes fear not. The singles will be available monthly in downloadable form. So check your favorite digital song buying site in October and get to it!

Source My Chemical Romance Official Twitter.

My Chemical Romance Release Conventional Weapons Details

The song list and “crazy” details of this Conventional Weapons song set have been released officially.

Read more details here…

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My Chemical Romance’s Conventional Weapons COMING SOON!

Well folks the time has come. The ill-fated album that was scrapped before Danger Days is being released! Yes you read that right. We get to hear the mysterious songs! BUT… not how you’d expect! You know My Chemical Romance… they always have something up their sleeve. Instead of an album of those mysterious songs we get 2 songs a month for 5 whole months. The suspense is a killer right? I know it is killing me. But alas, I am sure it will be worth the wait.

Meanwhile you can follow that progress of song release on the Conventional Weapons FACEBOOK PAGE HERE!

And as always here at My Chemical Freak and the official My Chemical Romance website.

Read more about how this came to fruition via Frank’s blog post HERE.

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Source My Chemical Romance Official site.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is NOT the new album dubbed “MCR 5″ It will be released later on.

Special Edition My Chemical Romance Photo Giveaway

Win this special edition photo print of Gerard and Mikey Way from photographer Paul Harries.

Read more about the giveaway on his FACEBOOK PAGE.

Recent Photos of Gerard Way

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Some recent photos of Gerard have surfaced over the weekend.  The first is of Gerard with a young fan whom he encountered.  The second is by Allan Amato, the same photographer who shot Gerard and Mikey for the “Illuminate Parkinsons” traveling gallery at the top of this year.

Frank Iero Records Song For Frankenweenie Soundtrack

According to Pupfresh and Frank Iero’s Twitter, Frank has recorded a song called “This Song Is A Curse”. The song will be on the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s upcoming “Frankenweenie” soundtrack. It can be preordered via Itunes should you want the little ditty. (must buy the soundtrack to get the song)

Read more from here…

Deadmau5 Talks Gerard To Spin

‘Oh, we can get will.i.won’t for the album.’ Fuck that. I don’t even know the guy and he’s kind of a weirdo, so that’s not gonna happen. This was cool because I enjoy the kid. It was a really good fit. Gerard is a really great dude and I’d totally hang with him.”

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VIDEO! Deadmau5 & Gerard Way In Professional Griefers!

Finally it is here and I must say I love it.