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Special Edition My Chemical Romance Photo Giveaway

Win this special edition photo print of Gerard and Mikey Way from photographer Paul Harries.

Read more about the giveaway on his FACEBOOK PAGE.

Recent Photos of Gerard Way

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Some recent photos of Gerard have surfaced over the weekend.  The first is of Gerard with a young fan whom he encountered.  The second is by Allan Amato, the same photographer who shot Gerard and Mikey for the “Illuminate Parkinsons” traveling gallery at the top of this year.

Frank Iero Records Song For Frankenweenie Soundtrack

According to Pupfresh and Frank Iero’s Twitter, Frank has recorded a song called “This Song Is A Curse”. The song will be on the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s upcoming “Frankenweenie” soundtrack. It can be preordered via Itunes should you want the little ditty. (must buy the soundtrack to get the song)

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Deadmau5 Talks Gerard To Spin

‘Oh, we can get will.i.won’t for the album.’ Fuck that. I don’t even know the guy and he’s kind of a weirdo, so that’s not gonna happen. This was cool because I enjoy the kid. It was a really good fit. Gerard is a really great dude and I’d totally hang with him.”

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VIDEO! Deadmau5 & Gerard Way In Professional Griefers!

Finally it is here and I must say I love it.

My Chemical Romance Inspired “Contamination Series” Art On Display

Artist Jane Bush, best known in the MCR world for her concert photography and Killjoy inspired “Contamination Series” art, will have her series on display in August in Glendale and also in Los Angeles in September. For all the latest info from Artist Jane Bush you can visit her FACEBOOK PAGE or her TWITTER! Congrats Jane!

She was instrumental in our raising money for Autism through her generous donation of art work!

Source Twitter

My Chemical Romance Gets Pop Up Video?

Apparently “Sing” has been popped! Pop-Up-Videoed that is.

“My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” recently got the “Pop Up Video” treatment, which means we now have year another opportunity to fist-pump (in a very non-”Jersey Shore” way, of course) to the anthem’s cinematic moment while actually learning things. Just doing our part to help you become THE BEST Trivial Pursuit: MCR Edition player ever, just in case that version ever comes out. (Attention, Hasbro: we’re waiting.)”

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New Professional Griefers Teaser

I know! ANOTHER ONE! I am tired of teasers! Ready for the real deal! ;) TWO MORE DAYS!
Thanks Yekith for the heads up.

Source Deadmau5 Twitter

Professional Griefers Teaser “Poster”

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Deadmau5 is at it again.  He has now released a “teaser” electronic poster for the upcoming video of “Professional Griefers.”  Looks like we’re in for a treat.

Behind the Scenes with Deadmau5 (and Gerard Way)!

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Just uploaded and hot off the presses!  Deadmau5 has shared a behind-the-scenes/preview teaser of what we can expect with the video for “Professional Griefers.”  Of course there is Gerard Way content.