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Frank Iero Q&A

“Frank Iero is a huge fan of film director Tim Burton, so you can only imagine how ridiculously stoked the My Chemical Romance guitarist was when he was asked to contribute to the soundtrack-companion album for the remake of Burton’s first film, Frankenweenie. Iero’s track, “This Song Is A Curse,” feels like a collision of film composer maestro Danny Elfman’s aesthetics with Suicidal Tendencies’ bona fide punk classic “Institutionalized.”

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New My Chemical Romance Halloween T-shirt 2012

Check out My Chemical Romance’s 2012 Halloween Tee!

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New My Chemical Romance 2013 Calendar

On October 18th you can be the proud owner of this new, 16 month, My Chemical Romance 2013 calendar!

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Killjoys Come To NYCC!

Dark Horse Comics is taking on New York Comic Con in a big way.

The main point of interest for some of you…

Saturday October 13
5:00 p.m. THE TRUE LIVES OF THE FABULOUS KILLJOYS: Gerard Way, Becky Cloonan, Shaun Simon*
•Ticketed event. Please see details below.

Yes you read that right. Oh to be so lucky to sit in on this panel. Hopefully there will be epic video for those of us who cannot attend.

Read more info and view the whole schedule here at

Gerard Way shaves, talks Umbrella Academy at Morrisoncon.

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“In a nearly lightless unisex bathroom in the Body English club at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Gerard Way, “My Chemical Romance” vocalist, creator of the Dark Horse Comics-published science fiction/superhero series “The Umbrella Academy” and MorrisonCon special guest, unpacked a shaving kit and stated what he loved most about the convention was the chance to have in-depth conversations with fans.  “I never get to do that. Usually, they truck everybody through,” Way said, calling the convention an “amazing” change of pace…”  Read more here at Comic Book Resources.

Photo courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Behind The Scenes At MorrisCon!

Comic Book Resources has a behind the scenes sneak peek of MorrisCon with a few sweet pics to share and more!

Read more and see all the pics here…

Gerard’s panel at Morrisoncon

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Check out “The Sound of the Atom Splitting” panel that Gerard partook in during the weekend at Morrisoncon.  Great quality, video and audio, courtesy of Paloma Perez.

Mikey and Gerard Way At MorrisCon

Mikey Way and Gerard Way with Grant and Kristan Morrison (and another guy) at MorrisCon.

Source Mikey Way Tumblr

Gerard Way and Grant Morrison Perform at MorrisCon Video

Video of Grant Morrison and Gerard Way performing at MorrisCon.

Video credit Paloma Perez

Photo Gallery Of Gerard Way At MorrisCon

We would like to first take the time to extend our sincere thanks to Paloma Perez for sharing her photos she made at MorrisCon. These are her personal property and in no way do My Chemical Freak own these photos.