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Mikey Way At Morriscon

Mikey Way and Paloma.

Photo credit Paloma

Source Cassie’s Twitter

Gerard Way At Morriscon

Source Chantal Claret’s Twitter

Gerard Way, Grant Morrison and James Dewees at Morriscon!

Gerard and Grant Morrison at Morriscon

Source Cassie’s Twitter

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My Chemical Romance Poster From KERRANG!

It might not be poster size, but for us who can’t get access to the actual poster this makes a nice substitution! This is the My Chemical Romance poster from the most recent KERRANG! Magazine.

Win Signed Poster By Gerard Way & Deadmau5

The My Chemical Romance front man and the famous Deadmau5 have teamed up yet again to bring you the goodies. No not another song sadly (although I wouldn’t be opposed to that in any way, shape or form). No this time you can win a signed poster by Gerard and Deadmau5! Not only would you win a signed poster by the duo, your prize would include a CD featuring the track “Professional Griefers”. Heaven right? What kidney do you need to sell to enter this giveaway? NONE WOOT! Yay for keeping your organs ;)

All you need to do is go to and tell them your all time favorite Deadmau5 song. If you are like me, we all know which song that will be!


Interview With Gerard Way And Deadmau5 In AP Mag

Can’t buy the magazine? Not available for you? Fear not. The good folks at My Chemical Romance Collective have you covered.


Frank Iero’s “This Song Is A Curse”

This Song Is A Curse

We shared the preview of the Frankenweenie song “This Song Is A Curse” a few days ago. Now you get to hear it all the way through, streaming compliments of Under The Gun Review!

My Chemical Romance in Kerrang!

September 25th, 2012 | | 0 Comments | Email My Chemical Freak!

The latest issue of Kerrang! has a My Chemical Romance poster within its pages!  To all those lucky fans across the pond from us, go grab a copy, starting tomorrow!

Gerard Way Performing Professional Griefers

Above is another photo of Gerard Way from the iheartradio music festival on September 22, 2012. This photo is from

There is a whole gallery of photos of the other performers along with this one.

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More Photos: Gerard Way iHeartRadio Music Festival

Photo by Michael Kovac

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