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1st Night, Las Vegas Concert Review
By Isolde from her LJ

So, just got back from the concert. It’s 12:30, I’m exhausted and I have to work tomorrow.

Just wanted to post my thoughts quickly.

No Frerard. Not a drop. In fact they didn’t interact at all, none of them did, that I saw. At one point Gerard asked Frank a question – something about whether or not to play a song again. Frank admitted that he hadn’t been paying attention to what Gerard was saying. And that, my friends, was it. It made me sad – I mourned.

Gerard: So, so pretty. Except that sometimes he looks like a lizard. But, for the most part, so, so pretty. Good hair. No facial hair – he even made a comment about it. At some point he took off his jacket and we were treated to…bare arms! And, dare I say it? They were cut. Not much, you know, but enough. I saw muscles. Nice. Other than that – spectacular front man as usual.

Mikey: I will never again make fun of this man. He was good. He had more energy and entertained me far more than any of the others except for Gerard. He entertained me more than Frank, which is the one that I usually find my eye drawn to. Plus, he was wearing a Mikey Fucking Way t-shirt. Which I am now the proud owner of. *headshake* I know.

Frank: We stood on Frank’s side because we like Frank. We were sorely disappointed. I literally thought at one point he was going to keel over dead. Rachel and I were joking about it, but seriously, does anyone know if he’s sick again? But he didn’t really seem it, he just seemed not all with it. Maybe he and Gerard had another fight. *shrug*

Bob: Mountain man complete with long hair and flannel shirt. Enough said. I love you, Bob, but I never look at the drummer.

Ray: I love you, Ray, but you don’t usually entertain me. Plus, you were all the way over on the other side. I couldn’t even see you.

All in all – good concert. And a good crowd. There was, I kid you not – more moshing at the Fall Out Boy concert than there was at this one. Which is yay for me because I hate moshing. The crowd was happy and jumpy, but never crazy and always respectful. In fact, a couple of times Gerard tried to get us to mosh and we’re all basically like, “I don’t think so, motherfucker. We’re tired.” And we were. The opening acts went on wayyyyy too long and it took a long time for them to get on. I’m thinking some kind of technical problems. So yeah, Gerard wanted us to mosh, we just looked at him and laughed.

And that is it. And we go to round 2 tomorrow. You heard right. 2 concerts in 2 days. Wish me luck, guys.

2nd Night, Las Vegas Concert Review
By Isolde on her LJ

This is the first time I’ve been on the internet all day. I’m exhausted, but happy and wanted to once again write down thoughts.

And I will reply to everyone who replied to me – I promise. I just haven’t had the time to sit down.

Briefly – They killed it again tonight. Amazing. Fucking amazing band live. Except for crossbow, apparently. lol. Sorry honey.

They played essentially the same set list but in reverse order. Last night they started with Famous Last Words, this time it was last (before the encore). Last night they ended with Sleep (before the encore),this time they started with it. They played Desert Song. They did a Bob Dylan cover that nobody knew. Bob Dylan? Ok, guys.

They once again pimped the Killers. Gerard: They put out my favorite album of this year.

As for the boys –

Mikey: Fucking rocks. He even talked. I’ve become a Mikey fan overnight. I don’t care if he looks like a Russian pimp. I love him.

Frank: Alternated looking like he was going to die and being cute and fun. Much better than last night. Still, there were three times that he kneeled down/sat to play, once with his back to the audience. Once he laid down on the floor and the only part of him that moved were his hands on the guitar. But then later, he was energetic and adorable.

Bob: I still got nothing.

Ray: Was he even there? He was so far on the other side of the stage, I literally never saw him.

Gerard: Gorgeous, lizard-like man. He was great tonight. Again. I’ve never thought that his voice is amazing, but it’s a good fit for their music and he sounded fine tonight. He gave a shout out to his wife, whom he said was there. And more sleeveless shirt. Yay!

Excitement of the night: An older gentleman, maybe 40’s, got past security and made it onstage. It all happened so fast, but, very interestingly, and impressive, Gerard tried to stop him. He went for him, put his hands on him, either to push or pull, I’m not sure, then realized that the guy wasn’t going to do anything and saw the security and backed away.

Gerard: I thought he was going for Frank. I thought he was going for Frank.

He wasn’t, he just got up there by Bob’s drumset and put his fists in the air.

It kindof rattled all of them, I think.

A little bit later – Gerard (talking about Frank): I thought he was going for that sweet ass.

And then…

Gerard: I don’t even know what to say.

And then…

Gerard: We’re close enough to you guys. You guys just stay there. Don’t come up here.

Then later, ANOTHER older guy got pulled out by security.

Gerard: Damn, they’re pulling out old dudes left and right.

At some point, Frank picks up a packet of Ben Gay that fell out of the first guy’s pocket. That tickled Gerard to no end. He turned around and rubbed it on his ass and told us we should all put Ben Gay on our asses.

There was so much more but then I’d go on forever. Suffice it to say that it was another great show.

And…I see them one more time on Sunday at Bamboozle Left and. I’m. Done.

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Pics and Vids from Vegas

Here are some new pics of the guys plus a video of a cover they did at one of the Vegas shows.

The cover is Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row, from 3-31 concert.


march1.jpg march2.jpg march3.jpg march5.jpg march41.jpg march6.jpg march7.jpg march8.jpg march10.jpg march9.jpg march11.jpg 

Video Credit:  Ladysorka

A HORRIBLE April Fool’s Day situation!

Anyone who is reading this realizes what a huge MCR fan I am.  Well I am just as big a fan of Guitar Hero and Rock Band on Playstation3.

I search the web daily for news and anything else that has to do with My Chemical Romance.  In that search a few minutes ago I find an article titled “Activision Annouces Guitar Hero: My Chemical Romance”.  Well I went bat shit crazy.  Rebekah can attest to this.  The following “article” is what I read on THIS site.

“Considering the immense positive reaction to Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Activision announced today that they will be releasing Guitar Hero: My Chemical Romance in Q4 2008 for the Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Activision president Michael Griffith stated that “My Chemical Romance is a band that really speaks to the younger generation…with such timeless song as ’Teenagers’, and Activision is proud to bring their powerful music to the Guitar Hero franchise in such a way.” This game will feature songs from their expansive three-album discography such as “Helena”, “Welcome To The Black Parade” and “Dead!”. My Chemical Romance was not available for comment, as they were shut up in their dressing room at press time.”

So you can understand my excitment THEN I READ THIS LINE….

Enjoy April Fool’s Day!”

… and quickly realized that today is, in fact, APRIL FOOLS DAY!  So my question is…

real or hoax?


MCR Vegas Concert Attended by VIPs

The Killers among others attend MCR’s concert last night.

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Official Cover Of The Black Parade Is Dead


Yep this is it!  And here I thought the red in it was bombs! HAHA!

Coming soon… The Black Parade Is Dead Trailer!

MCR Review by Rolling Stone

Article By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Normally a preppy college town baked in desert heat, Tempe, Arizona was bathed in darkness Friday night thanks to the black-clad denizens who descended upon Tempe Beach Park for My Chemical Romance’s tour kickoff. The band eschewed their black-and-white Black Parade uniforms for casual street clothing and tore through a ninety-minute set that focused primarily on 2006’s The Black Parade. However, the New Jersey-based band, playing as part of the two-day Circle K Tempe Music Festival, went back to their 2004 breathrough album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge for its opening and closing numbers: impassioned versions of breakout hits “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” and “Helena,” respectively.

Frontman Gerard Way gains a little more confidence with each passing tour, and for this show he channeled the spirit of Mick Jagger: shimmying across the stage, stopping to wiggle his hips on a catwalk that projected into the mosh pit. During “This Is How I Disappear,” his bassist brother Mikey Way (wearing a fantastic T-shirt that announced, “Mikey Fuckin Way”) violently shook his head as Gerard encouraged the audience to raise their right hands.

“Thanks for coming out to the fucking rock show,” Gerard said while introducing “Dead!” “Are you all ready to die?” Luckily, nobody bit the dust before the band closed the show in mid-tour form. The group that began in garages in New Jersey has graduated to one of the top arena acts in the country, and its members wear it awfully well. The kids, as they say, are all right.

Photos Courtesy of
Mark Peterman for
All rights reserved

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A Few More Pics…

Here are a few new photos of the guys from the weekend’s performances.

Credit for these go to:

The others were found randomly around the net.

Packed Rialto Finds True Romance

An article on the Arizona Daily Star
By Kevin W. Smith  

Saturday night at the Rialto Theatre, My Chemical Romance featured a bassist, two guitarists, a drummer, a keyboardist and some 1,400 singers.

Such is the devotion of My Chemical Romance fans, some of whom had been lined up outside the venue since noon to see the popular New Jersey hard-rock act.

The wait paid off when the house lights dimmed some nine hours later with chants of “M-C-R” bouncing off the venue’s historic walls.

The group opened with the driving swing of “Sleep” followed by its breakthrough smash, “I’m Not Okay (I Promise),” as the sold-out crowd of all ages, hairstyles and variations of painted faces danced and sang in unison.

At times, vocalist and focal point Gerard Way was barely necessary as his lyrics were transformed into communal sing-alongs.

While the majority of the record industry is in complete tailspin, since 2004 My Chemical Romance’s three major releases – two studio albums and a live package- have gone platinum.

Part of the appeal is owed to the group’s appreciation for everything a big-name American rock act should be: full of mystique, theatrics and spectacle, with lots of attention to arena performance detail.

Live, My Chemical Romance turns almost every one of its cartoonishly dark hard rock songs into lung-clearing anthems.
“To un-explain the unforgivable /Drain all the blood /And give the kids a show,” Way sings in “This Is How I Disappear.”

At the Rialto, the band played up its full catalog, running through almost all of 2006’s “The Black Parade” and choice cuts from 2004’s “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” and 2002’s “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love.”
At no time during the hour-and-a-half set did any of the six band members look like they were having anything besides the time of their lives.

With black denim pants, vest and unkempt stringy black hair, 30-year-old vocalist Way appears like the kind of unpredictable guy you’d get nervous sitting next to on a long plane ride.

Yet he proves himself to be one of the most naturally charasmatic frontmen alive, like Bono for the Prozac generation. He’s constantly moving, delivering confident drama, and managing excellent vocal control while chain-smoking.
The rest of the group is also ace, particularly guitarist Ray Toro, who pumps so much energy through his axe he could give Tucson Electric Power some competition.

Together My Chemical Romance is a stadium-shaking machine, deserving of every bit the adulation given when Way holds up his arms and cuffs his hands to signal applause.

This is the same band that last year headlined the massive Arena in Glendale, which regularly hosts acts like Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder.

On that 2007 tour, My Chemical Romance performed wearing black-and-white marching-band uniforms (think “Sgt. Pepper” meets a funeral) coinciding with a massive stage show.

Saturday night, the members were in t-shirts-and-jeans-mode and the stage production was bare bones: just a plain black backdrop with some lights, leaving the music unfettered.

The group is playing smaller venues on its current tour, hence the Rialto stop, bringing a feeling of surreality to the experience.

Singer Way said it would be My Chemical Romance’s last live run for a while as it prepares to record its fourth album, a rumored return to its raw roots.

“We wanted to do this last round in these really small places, so we could see all your faces,” he said. Opening the show were Drive By and Billy Talent, but it was clear from the fans’ attire – from homemade t-shirts to black-and-white striped fingerless gloves – whom people were there to see.

The early highlight of My Chemical Romance’s set was the epic thrill of “Welcome To The Black Parade,” which only took the opening, ominous piano notes to get the crowd exploding.

Knockouts like “Dead!,” “The Sharpest Lives,” a tender version of “Cancer,” and an absolutely ripping rendition of “Teenagers” all set up the band’s climax: the show- closing “Helena.”

The cathartic chorus of “Helena,” with Way spastically screaming “So long and good night,” leaves you lightheaded, like jumping off a skyscraper.

But My Chemical Romance is not the type of band to let you fall. It looks out for its own.

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My Chemical Romance in Tucson March 29, 2008 EXCLUSIVE

My good friend Jen was at MCR’s Tempe and Tucson shows this weekend.  Below is her review of both shows and HER photos. 
Do not take without giving proper credit! (photos were taken at the Tempe show)


MCR Concert Experience- Tempe/Tucson ‘08
By: Jen H.
I’m not surprised that the two shows were very different experiences, especially since the Tempe show was a festival, but I am surprised by how emotional and intense the Tucson show was, at least to me and my friends. Let me begin by saying that I have never seen so many walking billboards for MCR as I did at the Tempe Music Festival, so it was evident who the majority of people were there to see. MCR seemed to play it safe because they did not play any songs from their first album. They did however play a couple of B-sides, which I’m very happy about because they are all great songs and should not be ignored. Gerard was the charismatic front man we all love him for, and he sounded great. I want to note here that he sang each song almost exactly like the recorded version, unlike the Tucson show, which I will get to in a minute. My favorite part about the Tempe show is that MCR performed flawlessly and with great energy, as if they just got back from a long relaxing hiatus instead of a long grueling international tour. The best part is that they looked like they were having fun, and that definitely made for a perfect performance.

The Tucson show at the Rialto was another story. First of all, it was hot in the theater, really hot. Fourteen hundred fans stuck together in one big, sweaty mass did not help the situation either. I don’t know whose idea it was to crank up the smoke machines, but there was so much smoke hanging in the air on stage that it made it difficult to see the guys clearly. Things did get better after the smoke cleared a little and we broke away from the rowdy, sweaty mass to view the rest of the show from the back. The great thing about the Rialto is you can see the stage pretty much from anywhere in the room, and that is helpful for those of us who are vertically challenged. Right off the bat I noticed that Gerard was not as energetic as he was the night before in Tempe. He slumped over the mic stand more than once and fanned himself with his hand; not in a flamboyant “I’m so sexy” way, but in a “God damn, it’s fucking hot in here” way. He stopped singing for a couple of minutes before the final chorus of “Headfirst For Halos” (I was so happy they played it) to get water and say a few words to the audience before finishing the song. Clearly he was tired and hot, but it ended up being my favorite show of the weekend because it wasn’t flawless and Gerard had to sing in a lower register on several of the songs, which made it more interesting, in my opinion. I was blown away when Gerard sang the first few lines of “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” in a sort of slow haunting melody. At first I thought he was singing a new song until I recognized the words. The other highlight of the show had to be when they played “Hang ‘em High”, which they never play. Gerard started it off by screaming “Yee Haw!” and it brought back all the memories of my first MCR concert at the Rialto in ‘05 when he teased us by saying we were cowboys. He even said after the song was over that they had not played that song in three years. The finale was “Cancer”, which was haunting and intense, followed by a highly charged and equally intense encore of “Helena”. I will admit to shedding a few tears at the end because it was an amazing show and because I realized this is the last time I will see them live for a long time.

Thanks again Jen, you rock!

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