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Hello to all,

The other day, I was given the new Drive By record by my dear friend Todd Price. For those of you who are unfamiliar , he sings and plays guitar in the band. I had been eagerly awaiting this record quite some time. Their initial release floored me. It’s everything about music that I love. Amazing and honest rock songs. Todd has the uncanny knack to write the kind of chorus that I’m jealous. Upon listening to their record “A Delicate Situation” I was knocked on my ass once again, and I expected nothing less. If this band isn’t gigantic by the end of the year, then there’s no justice in the world.. On april 8th, “A Delicate Situation” is released and I recommend you all make a B line to the record store and grab one. The songs are sure to be ingrained in your skull for quite some time.


My Chemical Romance Ignites the Crowd!

 tempe21.jpg tempe31.jpg tempe41.jpg tempe51.jpg tempe61.jpg tempe71.jpg tempe81.jpg tempe91.jpg tempe101.jpg tempe111.jpg has a new article about MCR’s Performance at the Tempe Music Festival…

By Kellie Hwang 

The last time I saw My Chemical Romance perform was in 2005, at a secret show in an underground venue in London. There were only 200 people and the band put on a stellar show, but it got so intense that three kids were sent to the hospital mid-concert.

The fans at the My Chem show on Friday night at Tempe Beach Park were just as energetic but not nearly as brutal, and the band again, did not disappoint.

My Chemical Romance’s success has skyrocketed since its formation in 2001, and the release of 2006’s The Black Parade put the band on a whole new level. The rock quintet has been touring nonstop ever since, becoming pros at live concerts.

Way stepped out to hundreds of screaming girls on the beautiful spring night, his jet black hair perfectly mussed up. He might be one of the few people that can pull off a denim jacket, denim vest and denim skinny jeans together.

My Chem tore into a blazing performance of I’m Not Okay, Way immediately dominating the crowd’s attention with his wailing vocals and charismatic stage presence.

The energy didn’t quit, and the band immediately threw out This Is How I Disappear. Guitarist Ray Toro scorched in his corner throughout the show, looking like a mix of Slash and Claudio Sanchez with his blanket of curly hair.

Way’s effeminate yet powerful gestures were a highlight, and his theatrical side came out during Mama when he slumped over his mic and started to pseudo cry.

One thing that always makes a My Chem show so successful is Way’s ability to have a routine in mind but appear completely spontaneous.

During Welcome To The Black Parade, Way shamelessly requested the crowd to sing and the thousands of fans happily obliged. Way’s voice sounded strained and forced him to lower an octave and share the mic.

Way quickly recovered with Kill All Your Friends, a track that didn’t make the cut on The Black Parade, and sent the crowd into a frenzy. Another memorable track was Teenagers and the band was joined by a bandana-wearing crew member who played the harmonica. Way closed the show with an emotional solo performance of Cancer. Standing beneath a deep red light, his voice quivered through the lyrics, and aside from the occasional scream, the audience was silent.

Puddle of Mudd’s performance before My Chem was mediocre. The sound quality was great, and the band powered through each track straying little from the album versions. Which is a good and a bad thing.

There wasn’t much spark or movement from the band members, and singer Wes Scantlin stayed planted in front of the mic strumming his guitar and showing off his pearly whites for the majority of the set.

His corny jokes didn’t help the performance, and his frequent attempts to be Kurt Cobain were distracting. But She Hates Me and Psycho got the audience reciting the lyrics and were delivered with an energy that lacked otherwise.

Unplanned, My Chem came out quickly after its last song for an encore number before the midnight curfew. Ending with the very appropriate song, Helena, the band said so long and goodnight to the very blissful crowd.

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First U.S. Tour Performance Tempe, AZ

Here is the only photo I have so far of MCR at Tempe Music Festival. 

More to come, check back often!

tempe1.jpg tempe2.jpg tempe3.jpg tempe4.jpg tempe5.jpg tempe6.jpg tempe7.jpg tempe8.jpg tempe9.jpg tempe10.jpg tempe11.jpg tempe12.jpg tempe13.jpg tempe14.jpg tempe15.jpg tempe17.jpg

Performance Summary By:  Nicki Escudero

Gerard Way may not be a fan of Fergie, but he sure knows how to shake his hips.

The My Chemical Romance vocalist shimmied his way across stage, busting a move much like the pop singer who is headlining tomorrow. That doesn’t mean he’s into her pop music, though.

“You guys going to get Fergalicious tomorrow?” Way asked the young crowd, which populated much of Tempe Beach Park by the time the headliners took the stage at 10:30 p.m. “I am already Fergalicious. I was born Fergalicious…but not really.”

Still, MCR was quite catchy and got the crowd singing and dancing along to tracks from all three of the band’s albums, with most of the tracks coming off their most recent disc, The Black Parade.

While the band was definitely rocking throughout the set, and Way did his fair share of screaming throughout the night, he also provided some very humorous banter in-between songs.

“I see you may be noticing how white my arms are,” Way said, after taking off his jean jacket. He told the crowd the models in the fashion show before their performance stole the band’s clothes, leaving them with the black attire they all wore.

He also got the males in the crowd to take their shirts off and wave them helicopter-style.

The engaging crowd interaction was great, considering Way announced this is the last tour the guys will be on for awhile, since the band will be taking a break before they record their new album next year. Maybe it’s because more than half the band is married, including newlywed and guitarist Frank Iero.

It was nice to see bassist Mikey Way back with the guys, too, since he took a break last year after some emotional exhaustion.

The band’s performance was top-notch, enhancing the albums’ sound with more energy  but the same precision. Gerard’s vocals were also strong, and he hit all his notes with ease.

The band closed their set with Cancer, then came back on for an encore of Helena, in which Gerard sings, “So long and goodnight,” fitting lyrics for the show closer. Though the band may not be back for awhile, they sure gave the audience a quality show they won’t be forgetting any time soon.

MCR, “back in the day”


My Chemical Romance makes an apperance on the DVD Hellfest, Vol. 3: Official Video Documentary.  This is back in the days of the old drummer (Matt). They play “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” and have a brief interview.

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Alternate cover to The Umbrella Academy Graphic Novel

altcovertua.jpg has the paperback, graphic novel, The Umbrella Academy Volume 1 (as they are calling it) listed for only $12.21.  It is not yet on sale, but will be come this summer. 

The photo above is the alternate cover mentioned.

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The previously reported Umbrella Academy Mug that is to be sold this summer… contains lead in the painted logo.  Proceed with caution with its use!

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A Request…

I would like to thank each and every one of my readers.  You are the fuel that fans the flames of this site and I thank you more than you will ever know.

There are TONS of concerts coming up as you all know.  I can’t be at all of them,  but I know a lot of you guys will be!  So here is my request. 

I would like a detailed run down of each concert and photos if you can get them.  I will feature you, your story, and your photos here in a post that is all yours!  You can throw anything you want to in your tale of your concert experience.  It doesn’t matter to me!  I will gladly give you all the glory.  Its the least I can do to thank you for being a reader and supporting my site so lovingly!

If you are interested in having you,  your story, and pics featured here.  Give me a shout out via email,, and tell me which concert you will be attending!

Thank you again for your support!

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Tonight! Tonight!

No, this is not an ode to the Smashing Pumpkins, it’s simply a reminder that My Chemical Romance kick off their new U.S. Tour.  They are headlining tonight’s lineup at the Tempe Music Festival in Tempe, Arizona. 

Our eyes in the crowd tonight and tomorrow night (at the Rialto Theater in Tucson, AZ) will be Jen.  She will hopefully have a lovely set of pics from the concerts and a nice little run down of each.

Check back often for updates on this weekend’s two performances!

YAY for breaks being over!   We will be back in full force now!

Congrats to My Chemical Romance!

The guys took home another award on March 26, 2008, in the Philippines. 

They took home the award for Best International Music Video, for their video “Teenagers”.

CLICK HERE to see all of the winners and the article accompanying them.

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MCR in 10, 15 years?

A laugh-out-loud article has been penned by Kevin W. Smith for the Arizona Daily Star.  My Chemical Romance have become quite the media darlings in Arizona, due to appearances there this up coming weekend.  They will headline the first night of the Tempe Music Festival at Tempe Beach on Friday night.  The following night, Saturday, they will take the stage in Tucson, at the Rialto Theater.  In this article Mr. Smith gives us Caliente’s (whoever or whatever that is) thoughts on what might come of the guys in about 10-15 years!

CLICK HERE for quite a giggle about the guys.

CLICK HERE to go to the Arizona Daily Star’s official site.

Interview with Ray Toro

The Arizona Republic did a short interview with Ray recently.  They discuss the upcoming album, riding the coat-tails of success and more.

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

CLICK HERE to go to the Arizona Republic’s official site.

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