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Review of Things From Another World Signing

By: StrangePhantom on LJ
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Gerard Way Signing 4/08
Well, I’ve been waiting for someone else to post a much more awesome re-cap of the signing Gerard did Tuesday at Things From Another World in Portland… But no one has, so I’ll post my crappy, second-hand retelling of the event…

I go to school in Eugene, and happen to have most of my classes this term on Tuesday, so unfortunately, I could not attend. So, I did what any college student would do: I sent my mom xD

My mom, being the awesome person that she is, went, taking all my Umbrella Academy comics with her, as well as buying the special edition with the cover Gerard drew when she got to the store.

After an hour of standing in line with screaming fan girls and such, mom finally got to Gerard, which took much longer than it should have since people were rude and decided it was ok to cut (for shame).

Gerard was sitting in the back of the store, hunched over a table, with sunglasses on. And, for all the people who give him a hard time about wearing sunglasses indoors…. think about this. The lady in front of my mom walked up to him, shoved a camera about a foot in front of his face, and took a picture, with the flash on. He’d be blind by now if it weren’t for those Ray-Bans.

Anyways, he shook her hand and asked her name, and my mom mentioned she was there on behalf of me, who had class, to which he replied “It’s good she stayed in class.” Here’s the rest of the not-verbatim conversation that sorta went like this:

Mom: Yeah, she’s an art major at the University. She wants to intern this summer at Dark Horse.
Gerard: That’s really great!
Mom: How do you stand the screaming?
Gerard: You know, I don’t know.
Mom: Well, thanks a lot, and enjoy your stay in Portland.
Gerard: Thanks! I really like it here.

Eh… so yea, that’s what my mom told me went down. Some people in line were pretty chill, one woman got her iPod signed, a ton others were trying to hurry so they could stand in line for the show later that night at the Crystal Ballroom (did anyone go, btw???). They ended up closing up about a half hour early since no one was there actually, which I kinda *headesk* at that thought, thinking I could have had an actual conversation about art, or comic books, or cake with him. I think mom had a rather exciting time, although you would never hear her admit it.

American NME Award Nominees Announced

The American NME Awards have announced their list of nominees.  The categories including My Chemical Romance are as follows:

Best Band
Kings of Leon
The Killers
My Chemical Romance
The White Stripes
Foo Fighters

Best Live Band
My Chemical Romance
Kings of Leon
The Killers
Queens of the Stoneage
Foo Fighters

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Portland, Oregon Concert Photos, April 8th Show


These are photos from MCR’s first performance in Portland.

Photo credit:  Ceira Photography

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Bamboozle Left Videos

Here are a few songs from Bamboozle Left
Thanks to MCobsessionBrazil for the finds

House Of Wolves

I’m Not Okay

Kill All Your Friends

 Videos by rnm1947ebe

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Gerard at Comic Book Signing in Oregon


Here are some photos of Gerard from the “Things From Another World” Signing held in Portland Oregon on April 8th.  Click the thumbnails for full sized viewing.

Photo Credit:  Caitiezilla

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Portland, Oregon Concert Review, April 8th Show

Written by:  Rockin_Robin
Her blog can be found HERE

W O W. I don’t have a clue as to how else to express to you how freaking incredible that concert was, but I am going to try my very best.Okay. So lets start with the stage and the whole room it was in. Astounding. Breathtaking. It’s called the Crystal Ballroom (tight name, huh?) and it’s in downtown Portland, Oregon. Ha ha – which reminds me of how people always say “Keep Portland wierd!”, right? Yeah, well all of us in our punky clothes and dark makeup and Black Parade T-shirts and “X”s on our eyes and all that waiting outside the Ballroom got some looks from pedestrians that definantly gauranteed Portland would stay on the wierd-map. You should have seen the people who passed by; just walking all casual and then looking over at the big black truck throwing free Monster energy drinks to the people in line and speeding up their pace. It was pretty funny. Sorry, off-topic. The Crystal Ballroom is amazing. People always say it’s haunted (which would be pretty freaking awesome), but I personally don’t think I felt any ghosts go through me. I few shivers maybe, knowing that Gerard Way and Frank Iero and all the others were standing less than thirty feet in front of me, but no ghosts. It was a very dramatic, theatrical-looking room, though. There were a few large chandeliers and paintings all over the walls, along with a mural on the half-dome behind the stage. It was really pretty. Gerard thought so too, and he even mentioned that they felt lucky because they don’t get to play places like that very often. He he… I feel special ^.^

The crowd was pretty cool too. MCR fans are usually fairly awesome. Waiting for the band to come out after the opening acts, everybody was chanting and all that. Accually, just so you know, the openers were pretty good. Drive By and Billy Talent. Drive by played good music but were’nt much fun on stage, and Billy Talent got a lot of screaming and head-banging going. There were only a few mosh pits and only one big fight where security had to pull someone out. Gerard called us well-behaved. Everyone booed XP. The whole concert I was pretty close to the stage, but not front row or anything. I could see Gerard, Mikey, and Bob mostly the whole time (Frank was kind of shoved in the corner and Ray was right up next to the amps – small stage), until some enormous, like seven-foot tall guy stood smack in front of me. Just my luck, right? Still incredible, though.

And the music. Everybody already knows that was stunning. Frank rocked hard core and Gerard sounded amazing. LOL… once between songs he asked “So how do I sound tonight?”. Everyone cheered pretty loud. Then he goes “And how about the band? How do we sound?”. They got a little louder. And then he asks, “But more importantly, how the fuck do we look?!?” and everybody screamed like crazy XD. They opened with Sleep and ended with Helena, with most of the Black Parade album inbetween and a few older ones, like Headfirst for Halos, I never Told You What I Do for a Living, and You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison. My favorite was probably House of Wolves… or I’m Not Okay. Both were crazy-tight. It was so hot in there by the time they got to I’m Not Okay. With everybody jumping and moshing and everything in that tiny little space? I kept stepping on people’s feet, because for some reason I can’t stay in one place when I hop. My screaming didn’t help to lower the body temperature either; I was accually so loud and high-pitched that the poeple in front of me kept cringing and turning to look at me everytime I did. It was hilarious.

Cancer was amazing live. I was suprised security let people past with lighters, but there were a couple in the air during that one (joining all the lit up cell phones, of course). I didn’t really get to hear Helena, though. My friend was about to faint from a migraine and asked me to walk her out right after Cancer. Kind of dissapointing, but that’s all right. I was sitting in the lobby with her and I could just faintly hear the song upstairs, and I was just staring at the ceiling lip-synching every word while all the parents stared at me 0.o. OH MY GOSH! I haven’t said happy birthday to Gerard yet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEE! Okay, I’m better now. I bet the show today (second day at the Crystal Ballroom – wish I were there)is crazy. I probably would have gone today if I’d known they were playing a second night earlier.

So, in recapitulation, the show was… I need another synonym for amazing. There isn’t one that’s good enough. Frankie and Gerard were delicious, Mikey did some serious head-banging, Ray was insane, and Bob’s drum panel fell off. Gerard was just about to throw it into the crowd when he turns around and he’s like “Wait… can we fix this?” then he turns back to us and goes “We can fix it. That means you don’t get it.” LOL… I love him. I’m seriously depressed that it’s over and that My Chem won’t be touring again any time soon, but it was an incredible show and an awesome experience. Love you always, MCR!

Birthday Boy!




Gerard Way!


A Few More Photos of Bamboozle!

New Tour Design For MCR U.S. Tour

I haven’t quite figured out if this a t-shirt design or a poster design or what.  If you actually know which, please let me know!

New Tour Design by MonkOne


Official Review of the San Jose Concert!

One of our wonderful readers was so very gracious to provide us with a review of the San Jose, CA concert!

The San Jose Show…
By Linda W.

The San Jose show was good but somewhat lackluster. The San Jose Civic Auditorium was only about half full. Make that a third full. Oh heck, there was hardly anyone there. That made it both awesome (we were so close) and awful (the band did not seem energized by the crowd–or lack thereof–to say the least). At one point Gerard tried to rationalize why the crowd was so small by explaining that Jon Bon Jovi was playing that same night at the San Jose HP Pavilion, which was just around the corner. Gerard also said that JBJ had sent them some bottles of Dom Perignon with a note reading “Welcome to San Jose.” But MCR fans are not JBJ fans. I think the show was small because MCR first announced a show at the Warfield in San Francisco (which is only about 50 miles from San Jose) on April 3, which sold out immediately. They then added a second show on April 4, which I think also sold out. THEN they added the San Jose show on April 2, and I think by that third show the MCR fanbase in the Bay Area was tapped out. But what do I know…

Back to the band. I LOVE MCR, and I love their evolving style, but the guys all looked kind of burnt out and ragtag. Frank had a mustache and was wearing a hat that made him look like a small Italian gangster. We hardly saw Ray’s face for his out-of-control fro, and he barely ever looked up from his guitar. Mikey looked kind of creepy with his hair so long, although he was wearing his “Mikey Fuckin Way” t-shirt, which was cool. And he’s moving around a lot more, which is great. Bob looked just plain overgrown and shaggy. He was hardly recognizable, but it was good to see that his wrist has healed. Gerard looked the most like himself, but his hair was so long he spent half the night pushing it back out of his face. Sorry, these guys must all be multimillionaires by now; how is it that they can’t afford a haircut? I don’t know if it is just that they are ragged after seven years of touring, or are rebelling from their uniformed BP look, but someone needs to give them some fashion and grooming advice…

But MCR is MCR, and it was incredible to be in the same room with them in such an intimate venue. Although the show was uneventful in that there was virtually no interaction among the band members, and barely no interaction with the crowd except for Gerard’s occasional banter, they sounded great, and it was thrilling to watch them play. They played every song from The Black Parade except for The End and Disenchanted. They ROCKED Mama, Sleep, and Welcome to the Black Parade–it was EPIC to hear them in person. Cancer was pitch perfect. They played several older songs, including Cemetery Drive, Helena, Kill All Your Friends, and a few others, with the noticeable absence of I’m Not OK, which I would have loved to hear.

Highlights for me were Desert Song, which was eery and magical and dramatic and beautiful. I see someone has a video of it up on YouTube. You can’t imagine how great it sounded in person. Gerard introduced it by saying that they had rarely played it in the U.S., so it was a real treat to hear. Equally special was My Way Home Is Through You, which Gerard dedicated to his “beautiful wife,” who he said was there that night! I looked for her but did not see her. And Frank played blindfolded for a while, which was the only antic I saw him do, but I couldn’t see him all the time, as we were closer to the Ray side of the stage.

The show seemed to go on and on, as they played song after awesome song. I was hoping beyond hope that they would crank out I Never Told You What I Do For A Living, my all-time favorite, but no such luck. A mosh bit finally opened up at the very end during Helena, their closing number, but other than that the crowd was mild-mannered. Although the concert was a little tame and subdued, and the guys seemed tired and disconnected, the music was great, and I walked out of there with my ears happily ringing and a big smile on my face.

LJWEEZ, Bay Area MCR Fan