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Bamboozle Left Review

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Bamboozle Left Concert Review
 By Katie


MCR came out at like 9:10 and they opened with Sleep.  The crowd went fucking insane and everyone was pushing! I have never seen a MCR crowd like that they were like animals pushing, shoving and crowd surfing like nobody’s business! Anyway, the bands wardrobe: Mikey wore the same fucking shirt he’s been wearing, Frank wore his sweater thing with a wite collared shirt and black tie along with black pants, Gerard wore his jacket a tank top and jeans , Bob and Ray I couldn’t quite tell. OMG MIKEY ROCKED OUT TONIGHT I WAS EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Gerard said he now lives in LA and was talking about how we better not skip out early so we can beat the traffic and that we’ll be fucking stuck in it haha. Then before Hang Em High he was, I hope, making fun of the new record. He said a girl they knew asked them whats up and he said they’ll be on break for 6-7 months and that the album will be cowboy or something like that and that the name will be “Asshole Of The West” or something like it. I was so fucking tired and it was so loud I couldn’t really hear straight. There was no ferard which was sad and they didn’t play Desert Song. They also played a David Bowie song I couldn’t hear and didn’t know. Also I didn’t take my camera so I yeah I have uberly crappy cell phone pics. We also sang happy b-day to Gerard even though it’s a few days early. People where throwing butterscotch candy on stage and Gerard went, “is that old people candy, I love butterscotch candy ” and they threw more and he said, “I don’t want your candy unless you want to get out of here in a head dive”: or something like that. So there is my lame ass review. Over all I had a good time met a few famous people and lost some shit in the pit but salvaged my two shirts I got. Good Night/Morning everyone.

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A Few New Photos

Due to the fact that I have SEVERE rock neck, this will be one of only a few posts today :(   A night of karaoking to MCR and head banging will definately do you in.

Here are a few photos for you to look at in the mean time!


Desert Song Video From San Jose

Desert Song performed at the San Jose Concert.


Even MORE Iero Wedding Photos!

More photos have come to light of the happy couple, Frank and Jamia, and their happy day!


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San Jose Concert Photos

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Tuesday, April 8th – in conjunction with Portland, Oregon’s Comic Month – Things From Another World will host a signing featuring Umbrella Academy creator Gerard Way!

The signing starts at 4:00pm and will go until 6:00pm at Things From Another World, 4133 Ne Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR.

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New My Chemical Romance Tour Merch

If you are like me you look forward to seeing what the guys have for sale as Tour Merchandise!  It’s “usually” exclusive to the tour.  I was pleased and laughed a little bit at the two new shirts that have been added to this tour.  Below is a couple of pictures of the “new” merch!

Ray and Mikey have both been sporting their own t-shirts at recent concerts!

merchmikey.jpg merchtoro.jpg

Set Lists from Vegas Shows

Courtesy of Sarah on UMCRS

Set list from 3/30

Famous last words
Heaven help us
Welcome to the black parade
Kill all you’re friends
Hang em high
I don’t love you.
House of wolves
I Never Told You What I Do For A Living
Sharpest lives.
My way home is through you.
Not okay.
Coolest rendition of vampires ever.
Give ‘Em Hell Kid


Setlist from 3/31

Heaven Help Us
Hang Em High
Black Parade
I Don’t Love You
Way Home
House of Wolves
Give Em Hell
Kill All
Not Ok
Desert Song
Desolation Row (Bob Dylan cover)

Reviews and Photos from Vegas!

Photos property of Hayley (no relation to Isolde)

1st Night, Las Vegas Concert Review
By Isolde from her LJ

So, just got back from the concert. It’s 12:30, I’m exhausted and I have to work tomorrow.

Just wanted to post my thoughts quickly.

No Frerard. Not a drop. In fact they didn’t interact at all, none of them did, that I saw. At one point Gerard asked Frank a question – something about whether or not to play a song again. Frank admitted that he hadn’t been paying attention to what Gerard was saying. And that, my friends, was it. It made me sad – I mourned.

Gerard: So, so pretty. Except that sometimes he looks like a lizard. But, for the most part, so, so pretty. Good hair. No facial hair – he even made a comment about it. At some point he took off his jacket and we were treated to…bare arms! And, dare I say it? They were cut. Not much, you know, but enough. I saw muscles. Nice. Other than that – spectacular front man as usual.

Mikey: I will never again make fun of this man. He was good. He had more energy and entertained me far more than any of the others except for Gerard. He entertained me more than Frank, which is the one that I usually find my eye drawn to. Plus, he was wearing a Mikey Fucking Way t-shirt. Which I am now the proud owner of. *headshake* I know.

Frank: We stood on Frank’s side because we like Frank. We were sorely disappointed. I literally thought at one point he was going to keel over dead. Rachel and I were joking about it, but seriously, does anyone know if he’s sick again? But he didn’t really seem it, he just seemed not all with it. Maybe he and Gerard had another fight. *shrug*

Bob: Mountain man complete with long hair and flannel shirt. Enough said. I love you, Bob, but I never look at the drummer.

Ray: I love you, Ray, but you don’t usually entertain me. Plus, you were all the way over on the other side. I couldn’t even see you.

All in all – good concert. And a good crowd. There was, I kid you not – more moshing at the Fall Out Boy concert than there was at this one. Which is yay for me because I hate moshing. The crowd was happy and jumpy, but never crazy and always respectful. In fact, a couple of times Gerard tried to get us to mosh and we’re all basically like, “I don’t think so, motherfucker. We’re tired.” And we were. The opening acts went on wayyyyy too long and it took a long time for them to get on. I’m thinking some kind of technical problems. So yeah, Gerard wanted us to mosh, we just looked at him and laughed.

And that is it. And we go to round 2 tomorrow. You heard right. 2 concerts in 2 days. Wish me luck, guys.

2nd Night, Las Vegas Concert Review
By Isolde on her LJ

This is the first time I’ve been on the internet all day. I’m exhausted, but happy and wanted to once again write down thoughts.

And I will reply to everyone who replied to me – I promise. I just haven’t had the time to sit down.

Briefly – They killed it again tonight. Amazing. Fucking amazing band live. Except for crossbow, apparently. lol. Sorry honey.

They played essentially the same set list but in reverse order. Last night they started with Famous Last Words, this time it was last (before the encore). Last night they ended with Sleep (before the encore),this time they started with it. They played Desert Song. They did a Bob Dylan cover that nobody knew. Bob Dylan? Ok, guys.

They once again pimped the Killers. Gerard: They put out my favorite album of this year.

As for the boys –

Mikey: Fucking rocks. He even talked. I’ve become a Mikey fan overnight. I don’t care if he looks like a Russian pimp. I love him.

Frank: Alternated looking like he was going to die and being cute and fun. Much better than last night. Still, there were three times that he kneeled down/sat to play, once with his back to the audience. Once he laid down on the floor and the only part of him that moved were his hands on the guitar. But then later, he was energetic and adorable.

Bob: I still got nothing.

Ray: Was he even there? He was so far on the other side of the stage, I literally never saw him.

Gerard: Gorgeous, lizard-like man. He was great tonight. Again. I’ve never thought that his voice is amazing, but it’s a good fit for their music and he sounded fine tonight. He gave a shout out to his wife, whom he said was there. And more sleeveless shirt. Yay!

Excitement of the night: An older gentleman, maybe 40′s, got past security and made it onstage. It all happened so fast, but, very interestingly, and impressive, Gerard tried to stop him. He went for him, put his hands on him, either to push or pull, I’m not sure, then realized that the guy wasn’t going to do anything and saw the security and backed away.

Gerard: I thought he was going for Frank. I thought he was going for Frank.

He wasn’t, he just got up there by Bob’s drumset and put his fists in the air.

It kindof rattled all of them, I think.

A little bit later – Gerard (talking about Frank): I thought he was going for that sweet ass.

And then…

Gerard: I don’t even know what to say.

And then…

Gerard: We’re close enough to you guys. You guys just stay there. Don’t come up here.

Then later, ANOTHER older guy got pulled out by security.

Gerard: Damn, they’re pulling out old dudes left and right.

At some point, Frank picks up a packet of Ben Gay that fell out of the first guy’s pocket. That tickled Gerard to no end. He turned around and rubbed it on his ass and told us we should all put Ben Gay on our asses.

There was so much more but then I’d go on forever. Suffice it to say that it was another great show.

And…I see them one more time on Sunday at Bamboozle Left and. I’m. Done.

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Pics and Vids from Vegas

Here are some new pics of the guys plus a video of a cover they did at one of the Vegas shows.

The cover is Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row, from 3-31 concert.


march1.jpg march2.jpg march3.jpg march5.jpg march41.jpg march6.jpg march7.jpg march8.jpg march10.jpg march9.jpg march11.jpg 

Video Credit:  Ladysorka