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Tons of Pics from April 19th


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Skeleton Crew-ness in Chicago 4-17

Some fans and their banner with Frank and Alicia.

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More Pics of the Windy City Concert!

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Pics from Chicago

Pics of the guys from the Chicago Show. 

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Frank Talks to Punk Rock Confidential

Yup, another musician with a clothing label. But this just isn’t your average apparel company. Skeleton Crew, led by My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero is a social revolution complete with a manifesto and everything. Yeah, they make a mean t-shirt, they make a stylish hoodie but they also put out music, literature, support the arts and do a fair share of charitable contributions while they’re at it. They wear lots of hats, and all of them fit.

When did Skeleton Crew get started?

[It started] a couple of years back what Jamia (Frank’s wife) and a few friends started Bomb Shelter, a D.I.Y production company that put on shows at local VFW halls in North Jersey. It was a great thing because it formed a positive community of people that supported an underground movement. I remember seeing all my favourite bands play in a small room and it made a huge impression on me that kids could do this on their own. We really just wanted to be a part of something like that again so we decided to form a global crew, where like-minded individuals could get together and make a different in their own way and on their own terms. The clothing aspect is their flag to fly, a way of recognising each other and showing their affiliation. That’s why we encourage members to make their own S//C gear; it’s more creative that way. Any revenue that does come in goes right into supporting the artists that we showcase.

Who is Crew in Skeleton Crew?

Well, the board of directors – so to speak – are Jamia, Eddie, Sara and myself. We have final say over what happens with Skeleton Crew as a whole. But as far as who is ‘crew’? It’s the bands, the artists, the writers, the street teams, the friends we’ve made along the way…It’s everyone and anyone that wants to be a part of it. The great thing about S//C is that all are welcome. If you want to get involved log into the site and become part of something; the members take control of S//C.

Do you make everyone in the band wear your clothes? All your friends and family?

Nah, that’s not my thing. If friends want anything they ask me for it and I’ll give it to them but as far as travelling around with a load of goons all clad in S//C gear, that isn’t my style.

If you could have any one living or dead wear your clothes, who would it be?

Hmm…someone crafty and witty. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter as long as they have a great ass.

If Skeleton Crew was an animal what animal would it be?

The Tootsie Roll owl perched and ready to strike.

What bands are on Skeleton Crew records?

Well we’ve tried to keep the roster pretty diverse. We only put out bands we like and find interesting: David Costa, a hip-hop artist from Indiana who put out his first EP with us and it currently writing his follow-up. He is also playing Bamboozle East. A California-based band called New Tomorrow is our newest addition to the family. They are getting set to record soon and are playing Bamboozle Left. Leathermouth is a shitty murder rock band that hails from my basement; they definitely don’t get the attention they need ‘cause I’m always away. Hot Like A Robot was a great band from San Diego that split into different incarnations and the Mean Reds (RIP) were one of my favourite bands of all time who broke up way before they got the respect they deserved. Theirs was the first record we ever put out and was the catalyst that drove me to want to start Skeleton Crew. I wanted to work with that band so bad, I made a label for them.

How do you feel about so many musicians starting clothing companies? Is it ‘cause you can’t illegally download a hoodie?

Sure, it’s an easy way to make a quick buck. Make a name, throw some skulls on there, slap it on a t-shirt and you’ve got yourself a clothing company. It’s not Calvin Klein or anything but it’s a simple way to make cash off kids and not create anything new. It’s like starting a religion. But Skeleton Crew is different ‘cause God told me to start it.

What’s next for Skeleton Crew?

Next is the KGB. This is Skeleton Crew’s initiative to start a revolution one person at a time. Think about everyone you know doing one good selfless thing a day for the rest of their lives. It’s a pay-it-forward program that takes no money, just heart. We have homework assignments and different suggestions to make the world a better place but we want it to be publicly run. So this is our challenge for us and everyone.

Where can the kids go to find out more?

Click HERE to check out their site!

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MCR Rocks Salt Aire!

By Stacie Peart
For Salt Lake Community College

Salt Air burst at the seams when My Chemical Romance fans filled the local lakeside venue. With a piercing sun mixed with a chilly wind, concertgoers formed an excruciatingly long line to enter venue as doors opened around 7:30 p.m. Once inside, MCR fans waited nearly two hours for Gerard Way (lead singer), Mikey Way (bass guitar), Frank Iero (guitar), Ray Toro (guitar), and Bob Bryar (drums) to finally take the stage.When the two – not really worth mentioning – opening bands, Drive By and Billy Talent, finally completed their sets, MCR fans began to move closer to the stage in anticipation. The band powerfully began their set playing old favorites from their first album – relatively unknown to many mainstream fans. MCR mixed in songs from their album, “The Black Parade” starting with “Welcome to the Black Parade.” Fans screamed the song’s lyrics back to MCR and were ready to “to join the black parade” as Gerard Way passionately sang the track.

Other hits were performed from the band’s latest album including “Teenagers” where the general admission crowd thrust their fists in the air with every thump of the drum beat mimicking MCR’s well-known music video for the song. “Mama” was also well received as fans chanted along to the unique tune as the song’s distinctive sound grabbed immediate attention. MCR did slow it down for a moment to play the ballad “I Don’t Love You.” They also performed “Helena,” the song known as Gerard and Mikey Way’s tribute to their late grandmother.

The band didn’t forget the diehard fans as they bounced from “The Black Parade” hits into earlier albums like 2002’s “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love” and 2004’s “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.” The crowd went crazy as Gerard Way introduced the group’s mainstream breakthrough song, “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).” During MCR’s performance of this classic track, the crowd nearly drowned out the dramatic lead singer as they excitedly yelled the lyrics.

Almost two hours after they began, MCR left the stage and slowly satisfied fans trickled back to their haphazardly parked vehicles. The energetic performance by MCR and the crowd’s contagious enthusiasm created the ideal atmosphere for a truly remarkable concert experience.



Something Nice.

Ok so I am volunteering this weekend to help the local Food Pantry out.  So there won’t be any major posts until at least Sunday morningish.  In the meantime, here is something nice for your eyes!

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The Black Parade Special Edition Vinyl!

The Special Edition of The Black Parade on Vinyl is back in the MCR online store for all you vinyl freaks. The special edition comes in a slip-case box with two 15-page books and 2 triple gatefold sleeves with the vinyl housed in a center sleeve. Only 2,500 copies were made of this edition and ONLY 200 are left. Get your copy today here: MCR Store!

A Rockin’ Romance

By Adam Graham

My Chemical Romance makes music for and about teenagers. They sing about life and death with an urgency and fatalism only teens can truly understand. Heck, one of their biggest singles is called “Teenagers.”None of that bothers me, however. Although my teenage years are ancient history, I love My Chemical Romance.

OK, admitting a My Chemical Romance crush isn’t as embarrassing as saying I’m a 29-year-old Jonas Brothers fan. (I’m not, by the way.)


My Chem’s 2006 album “The Black Parade” — a relentlessly thrilling rock opera about, you guessed it, life and death — was one of that year’s most acclaimed releases, and in its wake, plenty of rock critics stepped up to the plate and branded My Chem the real deal.

But there’s still something about the band — playing Saturday and Sunday at the Fillmore Detroit — that makes me feel like I have to apologize for liking them. Maybe it’s their over-the-top theatrics, the layers of make-up they wear onstage or the sheer pompousness of frontman Gerard Way’s wild-eyed delivery. Whatever it is, there’s something that says responsible married men such as myself should not have a childish obsession with this band.

I’m done apologizing, however, and I’m not ashamed. My Chemical Romance rocks my world.

It wasn’t always this way. When MCR first emerged, I wrote them off as another in the long line of disposable screamo bands that were emerging at the time. Taking Back Sunday, the Used, My Chemical Romance — whatever; life’s too short to study the intricacies of dozens of faceless, interchangeable bands.

Then I saw the video for “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).”

Cut to look like the trailer for a coming-of-age teen comedy, it was sharp, cutting and clever — and the song wasn’t bad either. A slice of ramped up, slap-you-in-the-face pop-punk, it was served with copious attitude from Way, who frothed, “but you really need to listen to me, because I’m telling you the truth, I mean this, I’m okay!” The next line? “I’m not okay.”

“I’m Not Okay” was followed by “Helena,” the “TRL” staple which cemented them as anti-teen idol teen idols. Set at a funeral and featuring a full chorus of dancers, it nailed everything My Chem was about: Black-clad and death-obsessed but hopeful and celebratory about life.

Both tracks came from the group’s second album, “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge,” which was a cut above the works of their peers but still fully emerged in the muddy waters of emo. But on “The Black Parade,” the band blew away their contemporaries by becoming bigger than life, and incorporating pieces of Kiss, Queen and the Green Day into their repertoire.

The album’s first single “Welcome to the Black Parade” is a rock opera unto itself — it’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the MySpace generation. It’s so epic in scope it transcends mere age demographics, and it one day deserves a spot on classic rock radio.

I’ve listened to “The Black Parade” more than any other album in the last year — when my iPod went kaput in December, I repurchased the album so I wouldn’t be without it — and it stands as one of my favorite albums of the decade.

I’ve never worn eyeliner; I’m not from New Jersey; and aside from my fanfare of horror movies, I don’t think about death more than anyone else. But I know good music when I hear it, and My Chemical Romance gives me a reaction like none other.

Gotta Love Charity Lovin’ Boys!

My Chemical Romance are among the acts attempting to make a big difference this Earth Day – by donating items for a huge music memorabilia auction.

As well as selling off merchandise and personal items, Linkin Park and Panic At The Disco will be offering VIP concert tickets and the chance to meet the bands.

The acts were all asked to donate items that would be dumped or placed in storage to aid Music For Relief and Unite The United in their ongoing environmental and disaster relief efforts.
Earth Day falls on 22 April this year. The auction will take place on


Plant a tree for earth day!  They are cheap!  Help the world!  Do good things!