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A Rockin’ Romance

By Adam Graham

My Chemical Romance makes music for and about teenagers. They sing about life and death with an urgency and fatalism only teens can truly understand. Heck, one of their biggest singles is called “Teenagers.”None of that bothers me, however. Although my teenage years are ancient history, I love My Chemical Romance.

OK, admitting a My Chemical Romance crush isn’t as embarrassing as saying I’m a 29-year-old Jonas Brothers fan. (I’m not, by the way.)


My Chem’s 2006 album “The Black Parade” — a relentlessly thrilling rock opera about, you guessed it, life and death — was one of that year’s most acclaimed releases, and in its wake, plenty of rock critics stepped up to the plate and branded My Chem the real deal.

But there’s still something about the band — playing Saturday and Sunday at the Fillmore Detroit — that makes me feel like I have to apologize for liking them. Maybe it’s their over-the-top theatrics, the layers of make-up they wear onstage or the sheer pompousness of frontman Gerard Way’s wild-eyed delivery. Whatever it is, there’s something that says responsible married men such as myself should not have a childish obsession with this band.

I’m done apologizing, however, and I’m not ashamed. My Chemical Romance rocks my world.

It wasn’t always this way. When MCR first emerged, I wrote them off as another in the long line of disposable screamo bands that were emerging at the time. Taking Back Sunday, the Used, My Chemical Romance — whatever; life’s too short to study the intricacies of dozens of faceless, interchangeable bands.

Then I saw the video for “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).”

Cut to look like the trailer for a coming-of-age teen comedy, it was sharp, cutting and clever — and the song wasn’t bad either. A slice of ramped up, slap-you-in-the-face pop-punk, it was served with copious attitude from Way, who frothed, “but you really need to listen to me, because I’m telling you the truth, I mean this, I’m okay!” The next line? “I’m not okay.”

“I’m Not Okay” was followed by “Helena,” the “TRL” staple which cemented them as anti-teen idol teen idols. Set at a funeral and featuring a full chorus of dancers, it nailed everything My Chem was about: Black-clad and death-obsessed but hopeful and celebratory about life.

Both tracks came from the group’s second album, “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge,” which was a cut above the works of their peers but still fully emerged in the muddy waters of emo. But on “The Black Parade,” the band blew away their contemporaries by becoming bigger than life, and incorporating pieces of Kiss, Queen and the Green Day into their repertoire.

The album’s first single “Welcome to the Black Parade” is a rock opera unto itself — it’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the MySpace generation. It’s so epic in scope it transcends mere age demographics, and it one day deserves a spot on classic rock radio.

I’ve listened to “The Black Parade” more than any other album in the last year — when my iPod went kaput in December, I repurchased the album so I wouldn’t be without it — and it stands as one of my favorite albums of the decade.

I’ve never worn eyeliner; I’m not from New Jersey; and aside from my fanfare of horror movies, I don’t think about death more than anyone else. But I know good music when I hear it, and My Chemical Romance gives me a reaction like none other.

Gotta Love Charity Lovin’ Boys!

My Chemical Romance are among the acts attempting to make a big difference this Earth Day – by donating items for a huge music memorabilia auction.

As well as selling off merchandise and personal items, Linkin Park and Panic At The Disco will be offering VIP concert tickets and the chance to meet the bands.

The acts were all asked to donate items that would be dumped or placed in storage to aid Music For Relief and Unite The United in their ongoing environmental and disaster relief efforts.
Earth Day falls on 22 April this year. The auction will take place on


Plant a tree for earth day!  They are cheap!  Help the world!  Do good things!


Review of My Chemical Romance at The Filmore

By Sarah
posted here

So after staying up until 4 in the morning like the retards we are, Mikey and I got about 3 hours of sleep before getting up at 7 to get ready to head to Denver. We made it to the line at about 10 and there were already about 25 people in front of us. We were directly after this really cool mother/daughter pair who had come from Cheyenne, Wyoming, and in front of this lady who we at first thought was going to suck a lot but eventually turned out to be awesome. She was a 45 year old Def Leppard fan with a fondness for leopard print who really, really liked Gerard. She made us laugh for days and made the day go so much faster. She also stole our notebook containing RP plottage and read it, then added some smutty stuff of her own involving Gerard as a creamcicle (or cream cycle as she wrote it).

We had found a little alcove against a brick wall, and while we were sitting there a car pulled up and someone started to get out right next to us. Mikey was like, “Is that Alicia?” and I was like “OMG YES!” After she wrangled her luggage out of the car, Mikey said hi to her and she turned around and gave us a big smile and said hi. She then proceeded to schlep her own luggage down the sidewalk past all of the fangirls and back to the buses, which I thought was pretty brave tbh. Either nobody else recognized her or they just ignored her, though, because we didn’t see anyone else talk to her. But OMG SHE LOOKED SO PRETTY. Her new tattoo is gorgeous and she was so nice. :D

It was ridiculously sunny and hot, so we all got fried to a crisp. Mikey got her period and period shits, and we all had gastrointestinal distress. Mikey’s was much worse, however, and she actually had to wipe her ass with a napkin in the parking lot. It was epic. The line grew ridiculously fast, and by the time we made our last trip to the car at 4 or 4:30, it was several city blocks long. Then there was some drama with a bunch of jerkoffs rushing the line and line-cutting way up at the front, and everyone who’d been there all day got jostled out of line. We still managed to get barricade, but we didn’t see if everyone who was in front of us in line managed to pull it off too or not.

So YAY we got barricade stage Frank, and almost immediately the heat and time spent in the sun started affecting the audience. People were being pulled out before Drive By even came out, and from then on it was a steady stream of people coming out. I started to worry a lot at first because between the altitude, the heat, and the time we’d spent in the sun, I was really to get dehydrated and wasn’t sweating. I was afraid if I didn’t start sweating I was going to get sick, but luckily security was amazing and did an awesome job getting water to us. I still had to save my breath a lot, especially during Billy Talent, but by that point I think it was less dehydration and more just the altitude.

Drive By were excellent, which was a pleasant surprise. Most of the reviews I’ve read were pretty negative towards them, so I was really happy to discover that I actually liked them a lot. We’d seen them earlier in the day at Wendy’s and when they came out we were like HEY WE SAW THEM! :D After the show, even though we were desperate to just get water and get out, not even stopping for merch, we made a point to stop by their table and tell them how much we liked them. They really seemed to appreciate it, and were super friendly.

By the time Billy Talent came out I was really uncomfortable and feeling a little sick-ish, so even though they were pretty good live I kind of rode through it on autopilot. They’re not a band I’m super fond of because I think their songs all kind of sound the same and his voice tends to grate on me after a while, but they did put on a good show and they played the couple of songs I do like. I felt like their set was too long, though, but maybe that’s because we were all dying at that point.

SO THEN OMFG MCR. They came out to Sleep and were just so amazing omfg. Frank has shaved and looked adorable, even though he wasn’t particularly active last night. I am assuming due to the altitude, because Mikey noticed that he didn’t even do a lot of the backing vocals. He rolled around on the floor a little at the beginning of the show, but after that he mellowed some. Ray also didn’t seem to be as active as usual, although Mikey Fuckin Way was the most active I’ve ever seen him. Which is to say that he smiled a few times, thrust his hips, and shook his hair around a lot. Bob looked like he had possibly tamed his viking woman hair with a slight trim, but it’s still epically long and hawt tbh. Gerard was having a little trouble because of the altitude and had to stop a couple of times to suck down some oxygen, but they all sounded and looked amazing. Aside from the douchebaggery re: the line, the crowd was actually really good and really into it, and he commented on it a lot and it was just seriously not only the best MCR show I’ve ever seen, but the best show I’ve seen ever. PERIOD.

We kept ourselves awake on the way home remembering the set list (although we are pretty sketchy on order) and all of the funny/interesting things that happened. I’m just going to post them in bullet point.

- During Give ‘Em Hell, Kid, Mikey and I were rocking out so hard that Gerard totally looked over at us and we made eye contact. He was probably concerned tbh.

- Gerard asked everybody if we’d watched the season finale of Rock of Love, and then asked if we’d stay in the house and continue to rock his fuckin’ world, at which Frank totally lolled and was playing the Twilight Zone theme.

- Introducing Hang ‘Em High, Gerard asked if we were ready to rock this cowboy style, then let out a few cringe-inducing Yeeeeeeehaw!s. *facepalm*

- Between songs, Gerard gave Mikey a little back rub and then slapped his shoulder before walking away. I died, tbh.

- Gerard mentioned that he’d gotten married in Denver, and talked about Lyn and dedicated My Way Home is Through You to her. N’awwwwwww!

- At some point (I forget which song) Gerard had some pretty epically gay tambourine-playing going on.

- He introduced I’m Not Okay as the number one summer jam. Dorkface.

- At one point, Gerard gave his epic “take care of each other” speech, and then at another point made us turn and hug our neighbor.

- Someone had thrown a bag of handmade scarves on the stage, and (possibly) someone else had tossed up a silk scarf, and Gerard thanked the crowd. He did a gay little scarf dance with the silk scarf and then said he’d definitely be using that. We were like WE BET YOU WILL.

- He had us sing happy birthday to their booking agent, whose birthday was the day before.

- Someone had thrown something that (we’re still contesting this point) was either a princess tiara or a sparkly thong, and Gerard tossed it over at the drum set and said he would definitely not be wearing that. MUAHAHA.

- Gerard said we were going to rock Teenagers Lynyrd Skynyrd style, to which amused Frank shook his head and laughed. A tech came out and played harmonica on it.

- Gerard said Mikeyway had bought a Ouija board and consulted it to decide what songs they should play, and said that explained the unusual set list (OM NOM NOM B-SIDES!)

- Before Prison, Gerard had us all “testify” and then was going on about “here comes the judge” and I was just like, *facepalm*.

- Gerard reached for a set of Bob’s sticks and was like, “Are these for me? Can I give these to the kids?”

- Gerard totally jerked his mic off into his mouth. NNNGH.

- During the encore break, James played and sang November Rain, then finished it by announcing that he thought he’d just gotten hit in the balls. <3

AND NOW. The set list, to the best of our memory. As I said we can’t really remember the order, but I at least tried to put the songs into some semblance of order. The middle is definitely sketchy, but I’m pretty sure the first several songs are right as well as the encore.

Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
My Way Home is Through You
Welcome to the Black Parade
This is How I Disappear
Hang ‘Em High
I Don’t Love You
Kill All Your Friends
Headfirst For Halos
I’m Not Okay
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us in Prison
The Sharpest Lives
The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You
Famous Last Words
House of Wolves
I Never Told You What I Do for a Living
November Rain
Desert Song

So today we pretty much feel like we’ve been beaten with sticks and can’t breathe/walk/talk/move properly, but I would do it again in a second. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OMFG. *flail*


A “LOST” Chapter of The Umbrella Academy!

By Joss Whedon, Gerard Way, Mike Mignola, Steve Niles, Gilbert Hernandez, Ron Marz, John Arcudi, Bob Fingerman, Fillbach Bros, Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon, Guy Davis and Herb Trimpe.

The first six issues of MySpace Dark Horse Presents includes Joss Whedon’s complete rock’n'roll saga Sugarshock!, a fun-filled story about a quirky girl named Dandelion, and her love of music (and hatred of Vikings); Mike Mignola’s haunting holiday tale, lushly illustrated by Guy Davis, “The Christmas Spirit”; a lost Umbrella Academy chapter written by Gerard Way about our favorite curmudgeon, The Kraken; and a four-part story dedicated to Eric Powell’s The Goon. This volume also includes a wide range of established comics talent, and stories from newcomers who saw their professional debut in MySpace Dark Horse Presents.
176 pages, $19.95, in stores on Sept. 17!


Tips? Questions?

MCR Filmore Concert Review on April 14th

By Alexis Gentry

It’s hard for me to write a review of a My Chemical Romance show without filling it with hyperbole and grand statements about how they are the greatest band ever. This is simply because they are, hands down, my favorite band of all time.

After seeing them last March at Magness Arena during their giant tour supporting The Black Parade, I was beyond excited to get another chance to bathe in the awesomeness of MCR.

Monday’s show was at the Fillmore and the smaller venue lead to a more intimate setting. It was like a time machine trip back to the days before The Black Parade made them multi-platinum superstars with high-production arena shows to match. This was much more the MCR of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, their stellar second album, released in 2004.

Opening act, and fellow New Jersey band, Drive By got the crowd pumped before openers Billy Talent took the stage, getting the mosh pits going. All this was building to the inevitable crescendo when MCR’s Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Bob Bryar took the stage. They were joined by semi-member James Dewees, formerly of Reggie and the Full Effect.

Total madness spread through out the crowd in the front near the barriers as some started crying with joy while others screamed every lyric. There was a palpable electricity in the air as the energy level of both the band and the crowd grew with every song.

Best of all, they played not just their recent hits, but a selection of songs that went completely across the board. Fans got to hear classics like “Headfirst for Halos” from their first album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, released off New Jersey independent label Eyeball Records. We were also treated to some unreleased songs and b-sides like “Kill All Your Friends” or “Desert Song”, which made the experience exponentially more touching and memorable. Lead singer Gerard even acknowledged the diverse set list, claiming his brother Mikey bought a ouija board and used it to determine which songs to play.

Gerard’s commentary was certainly among the highlights of the evening. He even asked the crowd if they watched the season finale of VH1′s Bret Michaels dating show Rock of Love, saying that it blew his mind to hear Michaels make his final choice and ask, “Will you stay in the house and continue to rock my world?”

It was Gerard’s statement that the band will “go away for a couple years” after this tour that made it all so bittersweet. MCR has been on the road for what seems like an eternity, but they will soon take a break and work on their fourth album. Given the pattern of evolution with this band, their next record is sure to be a masterpiece, however not seeing them in concert for a few years will be tough for hardcore fans.

As I said in my review of their previous Denver performance, these shows are more than just concerts to the fans. This is more than just a band; these guys are like superheroes. Surely their inspirational presence will be sorely missed in the Mile High City until their inevitably triumphant return with the next tour.

On a personal note, I would like to say a huge than you to MCR’s head security guy, who got the band to sign a printed YourHub with my review from last year.


Congrats to Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba!

The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite has been nominated for a 2008 Will Eisner Comic Industry Award.  It is nominated in the Best Limited Series Category.  This is a huge acknowledgement for the series in the comics world.

Winners will be announced on Friday evening, July 25th at the awards ceremony held during Comic-Con International.

We will bring you all the info right here on My Chemical Freak!


Zero Fest, Mexico City Photos


Photos from Mexico’s Zero Fest!

Credit: Toni Francois 

MCR at Crystal Ballroom Review

By Clara Ridabock

Oh, 2004. Who remembers 2004? It was the year My Chemical Romance came out with their commercial smash, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. Tweens and Teenagers all over the world fell to their knees to worship at the altar of frontman Gerard Way, insisting that they were “Not Okay,” and they promised. Hot Topic was suddenly a massive chain, and boys with greasy black hair and red eyeliner popped up all over the place. My Chemical Romance was not just a band-they were a way of life. They defined the generic “emo kid” of the early 2000s.
Today, things are a little different. The band’s latest album, 2006′s The Black Parade, is a huge step away from their old ways. Gerard cut his hair, guitarist Frank Lero got married. The Black Parade is quite the opposite of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. To be blunt, Three Cheers says they’ve given up-The Black Parade says they’ve grown up.
The crowd at the sold-out Crystal was so aggressive that I was told to stay out of the photo pit for at least half of the first song. Beefy security guards pushed all of their body weight against the barriers to keep them upright. When My Chemical Romance finally took the stage, the crowd went nuts. Many fans jumped over the barrier and fought to get closer to their idols. The band ate up the wild attention and fed off the crowd’s energy. MCR’s first song was no slow start-they threw us immediately into a roaring, fast paced set that did not slow until the encore. They played everything-new hits (like “Famous Last Words” and “Teenagers”, which is hilarious) and the songs that made them famous (“I’m Not Okay, I Promise”).
There are many things you can call the boys of My Chemical Romance, but poor performers is not one of them. Gerard Way (with his wild arm movements and gyrating hips) takes on a modern Freddie Mercury persona on stage, making the crowd go even crazier. The band filled its set with plenty of ‘witty banter’ (“There is a strong stench of marajuana in this venue”) and professed their deep love for Portland. “There is no where else in the world you can find a vintage Helio [Sequence] 7-inch,” said frontman (and new Portland resident) Gerard.
So scoff all you want, doubters who scoff at the idea of seeing My Chemical Romance in concert-there are few bands that can put on a show like these guys. They’ve made it crystal freakin’ clear that they too are now way better than just okay. They’re doing just fine, thank you very much.



Awesome Pics and Review Of Gerard’s Signing


Review & Photos by:  Nilina Campbell 

On the MAX ride from the Zoo to Things From Another World comic book store (where My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way would be signing his own graphic offering, The Umbrella Academy), I squealed to my travel companion (and LC podcaster) Arya Imig about all about the things we might expect. What length will Mr. Way’s hair be!?!?! Will he have decided to go back to bleach blond?!?! What will his nose look like in person?!?! How much more beautiful will he be than in photos and My Chemical Romance’s ever-more-epic music videos?!!?!

Well, we got there and, expectedly enough, there was a long line of people parked in front of the store (under the undermining drizzle), waiting for their chance to own Way’s scrawl. We circumvented the line by asking for Aaron, the store’s district manager, who shepherded us inside-ahead of the mob that ranged from the predictable emo kids to older adults who were there as actual fans, parents or eBay resellers. Things From Another World brought out the big guns for the event-not only extra staff, but a plethora of security guards.

Aaron informed me that the photogenic Way wasn’t too stoked on having a camera there, but as long as I wasn’t too obtrusive, everything was cool. Gerard Way, resistant to photography? His face was made to be in front of the camera! So behind a red velvet rope I stood, shooting away as Gerard greeted teenage girls.

When we left, Arya remarked on how gracious and down to earth Gerard seemed to be-to the extent that he wondered if Mr. Way might have had to work on it. But we kinda decided that indeed he had not, as he came off as so authentic and authentically kind. He shook everyone’s hand (except for mine. I’m not offering my hand to Gerard unless it’s in marriage and given he has a wife that is not moi, well…). While red roses and feather boas decorated the table beside him, other things handed to him included a guitar (that had been buffed so his signature would not wear away) and a magazine. That was my favorite interaction…

The magazine was given to Gerard by the girl who had shot the photos of MCR inside of it. He recognized her the second she stepped up the table. They went back and forth over whether he could keep it or if he would sign it and give it back to her. Way got to keep the magazine, and in exchange offered the woman his phone number. Not as some groupie hook-up, mind you, but because he knows how to treat his fans right. His personal assistant-type friend got her number and they arranged a meet-up the next day following a meeting that Gerard had. Anyone know what that meeting was about? I hope it was in regard to real-estate, so that Gerard becomes even more of a PDX resident than the rumors testify to. I mean, how awesome would it be to have Way and his art decorating Floating World (the hipper comic shop across the river) every First Thursday?!!?!

Oh-and as the photos prove-there was nary a bullet proof vest in sight. Expect 50 Cent to follow the new trend and to start rocking more denim…