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Set List from MSG

1. Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
2. This Is How I Disappear
3. Dead!
4. Cemetery Drive
5. House Of Wolves
6. Welcome to the Black Parade
7. I Don’t Love You
8. The Sharpest Lives
9. My Way Home Is Through You
10. Headfirst For Halos
11. I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
12. Mama
13. You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
14. Sleep
15. Teenagers
16. Famous Last Words
17. Cancer
18. Dewee’s solo
19. Desert Song
20. Helena

AWESOME Madison Square Garden Review and Pictures!

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Youtube Videos Of MCR at Madison Square Garden

The dream of playing MSG



Vid By krazieekimx0x

The Wave through MSG


Helena (the last song of the concert)


MCRmy Members Meet the Guys

In some sort of Make a Wish granting situation, some MCRmy members got to meet My Chemical Romance at MSG.

Photos By TheStreetNetwork

My Chemical Romance: Madison Square Garden Review

By Olivia

So I left my house at around 5:30. We got to the train at 6. We made good time since it was practically the end of rush hour and we got there at 6:45.

We get there and we get our bags checked, get merch, and whatnot. [I got the Toro shirt and the Mikey Fuckin Way shirt, which is the best thing in existence. haha.] We get to our seats, which weren’t horrible. I mean, they weren’t the best, but what can you do? We tried to get down onto the floor, but there was no possible and reasonable way. Haha. So we stayed in our area.

Drive By comes on at around 7:30. They were… Drive By. They’re alright. Not the best of bands, but whatever. They were good.

TAKING BACK SUNDAY! You know how much I love TBS and Matt Rubano and Adam Lazzara. They were awesome, as usual. They played a new song or two [Honestly, I don’t remember anything about TBS
During one song, Adam starting singing during the bridge “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce. Haha. It was excellent.
Adam was talking about when My Chem called them up to ask them to open for them at Madison Square Garden and Adam was like, “Man… That’s not a funny joke.” Haha.
They played [In no order]:
What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?
Set Phasers To Stun
A Decade Under the Influence
Cute Without the E (I think they played this. Haha. I’m not entirely sure.]

So they leave, and I’m stoked for My Chem. So we wait a half hour and they come on.
Oh My God.

They were better than ever. I was amazed. Their intro was basically “Stay” but they didn’t go into that. [which was disappointing. I was so getting into it. Haha.] It went into “Give ‘Em Hell, Kid”. Amazing.

They played [IN NO ORDER. Their set was amazing and I wish I had the exact set list.]:
Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
This Is How I Disappear
Sharpest Lives
Welcome to the Black Parade [which was dedicated to this little kid named Mika, I believe. It was so sweet. Haha.]
I Don’t Love You
House of Wolves [Gerard was howling before it. Haha. It was excellent.]
My Way Home Is Through You [Which was dedicated to LynZ. I had a little spaz attack. Haha.]
Famous Last Words
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
I’m Not Okay
Headfirst for Halos [OH MY GOD!]
Cemetery Drive
Desert Song

Frank didn’t seem like himself. He didn’t move much. He just kinda… played. Haha. Knowing him, he was probably sick. Haha. But he did have a Jersey on at the end that said “Iero” on the back. Haha.
Gerard was ya know… Gerard. Being great at what he does. Totally owning the stage.
Ray was amazing. I’ve never seen him so into a performance. Haha. He took a picture of the crowd with his camera “which he loves very very much” according to Gerard. Haha.
Mikey was active, which scared me. Someone finally pressed the “on” button. Actually, this is the first time I’ve seen him play since February. The other two shows he didn’t play.
Bob was amazing, as usual. His hair is nice and long. He should never cut it.

– The Desert Song. Absolutely amazing live. The little blue lights surrounded the place from people’s cell phones. It was beautiful.
– Welcome to the Black Parade. In the very beginning, Gerard didn’t sing and it was only the crowd. It was amazing.
– Famous Last Words. That part after the guitar solo “I see you lying next to me…”. That part always gets me. The whole crowd sang it and it was spectacular.
– Gerard picking Mikey up and walking him across the stage. Hahahahaha.
– The Wave. Gerard said he only did it once before and it was in Europe. So he wanted to compare a NY Wave to a UK wave. Haha. He told everyone to sit down and then Ray said they should be standing. Gerard said, “Well… We’ll make it more dramatic.” Haha.
– Gerard telling us the story about how he came to see the Smashing Pumpkins with Mikey.
– Gerard dedicating “My Way Home Is Through You” to LynZ. I just love when he mentions his wife. Haha.
– Two rows in front of me was this girl who was alone for most of the night. Then, during “Famous Last Words”, her friend that was with her before came running back and they held onto each other, screaming the words together. I just love that. MCR brings people together and that’s just amazing.
– Every single one of Ray’s guitar solos. They’re absolutely stunning and just… wow. He’s so talented and amazing.

So after “Helena” the lights went back on. And we left. We found Tatiana and her mom. We took a train home and we got back at around 12:45. I’m still tired, but nothing was more amazing than that show.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about how proud I was. They were playing Madison Square Garden. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. One of the biggest arenas in the US. And they were playing there! I’m just… so proud. They’ve grown so much since I first heard of them. And I’m so proud.
But I’m definitely going to miss them while they’re on their break. But they need it. It’s definitely a well-deserved break.

That was my night. I’m trying to upload some videos and I’ll post pictures eventually. =]


Taken from LJ

My Chemical Romance at Madison Square Garden Photos

Photo by:  Ghostbusterfamous

Photos by:  Fueled by Megan

My Chemical Romance on Fuse Discussing MSG


Video by MCRfan789

My Chemical Romance in Philadelphia: More Photos

Photos Property of Ryan Kruger
All Rights Reserved

Credit: mychemicalobsessionbrazil

Teen Superhero Academies Popping Up All Over

By Hugh Hart

While Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl) spends his summer writing his X-Men movie spinoff about an academy of superpowered teenagers with attitude, Brazilian artist Gabriel Ba and writer-musician Gerard Way are preparing for a San Diego Comic-Con appearance in July to promote their own comic book about an academy of superpowered teeneagers with attitude.

Is there a movie in the works? Not yet. But in nine weeks, Dark Horse Comics will publish The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite. The paperback collection of six previously published comic books follows the snarky escapades of Spaceboy, the Rumor, the Kraken, the White Violin and the Horror. The squabbling sibs were adopted by millionaire inventor/space alien Reginald Hargreeves as babies. Years later, when dad dies, the gifted kids unite despite their differences to take on a bizarre array of creatures hell-bent on world destruction.

The trade paperback compilation will also feature bonus short stories and sketches by Ba, cover artist James Jean and Way, who this week wraps up a two-year tour with his band My Chemical Romance.


Comment below by Brandi

People you might not like it when I say this, but I am awesomely excited that the X-Men Movies didn’t end!  I was really destrought when I watched the last of the previous three.  I can’t WAIT until the new one comes out!  Although, I am worried that there is a different writer!

And as far as TUA becoming a movie, well now that would just rock harder than anything I could possibly imagine!