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Video Of Gerard Way At Comic Con 2012

Apparently he is doing some slight random dancing in this video.


Gerard Way At SDCC 2012

Gerard Way at SD Comic Con 2012
Credit for photo find goes to Brett. Thanks!

Killjoys Comic Being Readied for 2013

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Bleeding Cool reports that Becky Cloonan has revealed that she is about to begin work on the previously-announced Dark Horse project Killjoys, written by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance andUmbrella Academy fame.  Read the full article here.

Gerard Way to Moderate San Diego Comic Con “Aquabats” Panel

According to, Gerard is going to be moderating “The Aquabats! Super Show!” panel THIS FRIDAY at 8 p.m., inside the Battle Tram, room 7AB.  If you are already going, then this is a huge bonus, or now you have a real excuse to get tickets and go!  Read the full article here.

Wonder what color of hair Gerard will be sporting for this…



My Chemical Romance and Girl Scouts

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During my travels yesterday, I came upon a girl scout named Cassie, who caught my eye because she was sporting an MCR hoodie.  My eyes are trained, so it jumped out at me!  We struck up a conversation, and she turned out to be a big fan. It’s nice to meet other fans up here in Alaska, because we’re all pretty far-removed from everything else that’s going on, for the most part.  Cassie was in her last day of selling Girl Scout cookies that is helping fund her trips to Japan and South America.  Of course we all know that Japan is close to the heart of My Chemical Romance, so that makes Cassie’s undertaking all the more special.  Way to go, Cassie!

How to Follow The Black Parade

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… But My Chemical Romance’s follow-up album Danger Days fell sharply off the priority list. “I don’t think anybody made a misstep,” the US group’s frontman Gerard Way says. “Not only did whatever happened positively or negatively sales-wise not affect the band, it didn’t affect the world’s perception of the band as artists.”

To read more from Adelaide about “how to follow” The Black Parade, and some more candid comments from Gerard, click here.

More Tweets with Photos

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They’re at it again.  This is just one of several photos that Frank Iero has posted to his Twitter.  They start popping-up on Thursday, so maybe there will be regular updates starting on Thursdays and running through the weekend.  Who knows?  But keep sending us clues.  We like it.

Gerard Way Records With Deadmau5

It has been confirmed that Gerard Way (of MCR if you didn’t know) has teamed up with the band Deadmau5. Gerard provides the vocals on the track.

Read more about it all from HERE

Frank Iero Breaks Radio Silence!

March 15th, 2012 | | 0 Comments | Email My Chemical Freak!

“Things is happenink!,” tweeted Frank Iero today as he posted this photo.  One can only assume what is happening at their studio, but if you look back during the production of what became Danger Days, they dropped a TON of hints about their activities.  So, the pattern is there.  Either way, it’s exciting stuff.  We’ll stay tuned for more updates from Los Angeles!

My Chemical Romance and Parkinsons

March 13th, 2012 | | 0 Comments | Email My Chemical Freak!

Now we know what they were talking about when postings on Twitter and the web were talking about photographs of My Chemical Romance wearing pajamas being shot.  The above awesome photo of Gerard and Mikey is part of a touring gallery to raise awareness of young onset Parkinsons disease.  It is also being reported that prints of the above photo will be made available for sale.  Whether or not they’ll be sold online or exclusively at the galleries these photos will be displayed is unknown.  Special thanks to Cassie The Venemous for the heads-up.