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“He described Gerard’s directorial style as “Just really collaborative and fun! It was like making a silly movie with your pals in the backyard. It really feels like we’re 11-year-olds shooting a movie on VHS. Jason Devilliers, our director, and I are like big kids and Gerard fit in with us like a brother from another mother.”  Those are the words of Christian Jacobs, co-creator of The Aquabats! Super Show.

Read more about his collaboration with BOTH Way brothers, courtesy of Starpulse.

Remember, Gerard’s episode of The Aquabats! airs on June 29 on The Hub.

UPDATE: if you haven’t checked out Gerard’s Twitter feed in the past 24 hours, he sure to!  He’s posted a ton of behind-the-scenes photos of the Aquabats! shoot as well as sketches of a Batman series he proposed to DC Comics back in the day! Epic stuff!

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June 27th, 2013
2:40 pm

I saw the episode – it is insane!

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