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Nine Questions With Billy Talent!

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My Chemical Romance at Stubb’s 4-28

Review BY:  Joe Gross

Gerard Way, lead singer for My Chemical Romance, looked a little tired Monday night at Stubb’s.

You can’t really blame the man. He and his band of Gothy-looking rockers have been on and off tour (mostly on) since their 2006 breakout album “The Black Parade.” This most recent jaunt, the fifth and final leg of “The Black Parade World Tour” is three months long. Way as much said this was the last show they would be playing in Austin for a good long time. I think everyone got their money’s worth.

So it wasn’t all that surprising that in order to keep the energy high (which it was) and to make the 10:30 p.m. hard-deck curfew (which they did), songs felt shortened, limited to a verse or two and a chorus, the better to rip through a high octane set that reached back to the band’s 2002 debut, “I Brought Me My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love.” Gone were the elaborate sets and theatrical cast of their tour’s early legs.

This was a rock band playing to a sold out crowd that absolutely adored them. Way – looking less like a rock strar and more like the comic book writer he established himself last year in the excellent series “The Umbrella Academy” – started cool and sweated himself into a frenzy as the band stripped back its material’s proggier, Queenier (as in Freddie Mercury) elements for articulate, dynamic rock that held the crowd in the palm of his hand.

From MTV hits such as “Welcome to the Black Parade” to mopers such as “Cancer” to the anthemic “Teenagers,” the crowd was easily the equal of Way’s slightly fried voice. When the black-clad masses are with you, they’re with you to the end.

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EdgeFest Jocks!

And here we have them.  Compliments of My Chemical Obsession Brazil…

The guys ala’ Football Jocks!



And More Edgefest!

Credit: Kenneth Smith
All Rights Reserved

Couple More Photos Of EdgeFest

Photo Credit: Cinemagypsy


Ok I don’t know about anyone else, but this picture of Frank at a Monster Truck Race had me laughing out loud!

Do You Have Photos of this?

According to, My Chemical Romance sported letterman jackets and football helmets during their Texas performance at EdgeFest!

We are on a mission!  We want to see this!  If you have a photo or photos of said dress, email us at!

Cemetery Drive Live at New Orleans Concert 4-24

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Its a really clear recording!

EdgeFest 17

Here is a photo from EdgeFest last night (4-27)

Photo by:  William Deshazer
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Your Guide to My Chemical Romance…

Ever wanted to know the history of My Chemical Romance?  Ever needed a reference to their history to send to your family who “just doesn’t understand”?

Well here it is!

“RockDude” takes us from the beginning to present in his, what I call, Guide to My Chemical Romance.

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