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Gerard Way Covers Song For Kevin Smith Movie

I am going to be balls-to-the wall honest. I was not expecting a lot when I clicked on Cassie’s link on Facebook to listen to this song. I honestly thought it was going to just be a cover of some random old song that would have no effect on me what-so-ever. Well, I was really, really wrong. The audio isn’t 100% awesome, but you can hear it enough to know what is happening. This reminded me of his style during the Three Cheers era. Apparently, this is Way’s contribution to Kevin Smith’s new horror flick coming out soon. Without further adieu, here is “O Waly Waly” by Gerard Way.

Live from Pink Station Zero!

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The craziness that is the videos and storyline surrounding the imminent release of Hesitant Alien continues.  Today, posted to Gerard’s YouTube channel, is an “interview” from the same “episode” of Pink Station Zero that he performed “No Shows” on.  Purposefully awkward, the host grills Gerard about what kind of human he is, what galaxy he prefers to tour in, and forces him to recite lyrics from “No Shows.”

Brett’s note: Pink Station Zero is very similar to the short-lived early 80’s variety show, Pink Lady and Jeff.  It lasted only a handful of episodes, but is actually available on DVD from Rhino Records.  Check it out and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Gerard Way Live In The UK

Source: Gerard Way FB

Making of “No Shows”

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Want to see how the video of “No Shows” was made?  Check out the short clip above and all is revealed!

Frnkiero andthe Cellabration release “Joyriding” music video

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The always-intrepid Frank Iero released a music video for the second single from The Cellebration’s debut album, Stomachaches.  “Joyriding” follows in the bloody footsteps of Frank’s other work that has come before this (see: LeATHERMOUTH, 2009).

Gerard Way in Rock Sound Magazine: “The Voice of a Generation Returns”

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In the newest issue of Rock Sound Magazine, due in stores on September 10, Gerard is featured on the cover.  The article covers what has come before and what is to come.  What is nice about this particular publication is that they also catch up with the rest of the band and what they’re currently up to.

Rock Sound also published a short interview they posted on YouTube:

You can purchase issue 192 of Rock Sound Magazine here.

My Chemical Romance In Behind The Scenes Bullets Video

Nada Records posted this on YouTube of the guys recording the Bullets album. Pretty cool! Take a look!

Source AP

Hesitant Alien on tour! Get your tickets!

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Gerard Way is taking Hesitant Alien on tour this fall for a small 4 date tour.  Tickets ate available for most shows as this is being written. Even though it is only 4 dates, he still manages to cover both of the US coasts. The dates are:

10/12: San Francisco, California, The Fillmore

10/19: Boston, Massachusetts, Paradise Rock Club

10/20: New York, New York, Irving Plaza

10/22: Sayreville, New Jersey, Starland Ballroom

It appears that most of these shows are either all-ages shows or 16 and over. Ticket sales start at noon, local times, today. See Ticketmaster for sales and additional information.

I want my MTV… Watch the Entire Reading Festival Performance!

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Bummed you weren’t at Reading or Leeds this weekend?  Fortunately, we are able to bring you the entire performance of Gerard at Reading.  34 minutes of music glory!  The train is rolling again.  Enjoy!

Reading Festival Photos

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“That was a moment. Thank you, Reading.,” tweeted Gerard after his show at Reading. Below are photos from earlier today!

IMG_20140822_083251   IMG_20140822_083232   IMG_20140822_083306  IMG_20140822_083239

IMG_20140822_083228   IMG_20140822_083237

IMG_20140822_083256   IMG_20140822_083302   IMG_20140822_083243


IMG_20140822_160609 IMG_20140822_160606





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