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Hesitant Alien on tour! Get your tickets!

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Gerard Way is taking Hesitant Alien on tour this fall for a small 4 date tour.  Tickets ate available for most shows as this is being written. Even though it is only 4 dates, he still manages to cover both of the US coasts. The dates are:

10/12: San Francisco, California, The Fillmore

10/19: Boston, Massachusetts, Paradise Rock Club

10/20: New York, New York, Irving Plaza

10/22: Sayreville, New Jersey, Starland Ballroom

It appears that most of these shows are either all-ages shows or 16 and over. Ticket sales start at noon, local times, today. See Ticketmaster for sales and additional information.

I want my MTV… Watch the Entire Reading Festival Performance!

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Bummed you weren’t at Reading or Leeds this weekend?  Fortunately, we are able to bring you the entire performance of Gerard at Reading.  34 minutes of music glory!  The train is rolling again.  Enjoy!

Reading Festival Photos

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“That was a moment. Thank you, Reading.,” tweeted Gerard after his show at Reading. Below are photos from earlier today!

IMG_20140822_083251   IMG_20140822_083232   IMG_20140822_083306  IMG_20140822_083239

IMG_20140822_083228   IMG_20140822_083237

IMG_20140822_083256   IMG_20140822_083302   IMG_20140822_083243


IMG_20140822_160609 IMG_20140822_160606





If these are your photos, please contact us so we can properly credit you.


Why, Hello, Reading. Hello, Leeds. So nice to see you again…

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The Long and Strange Road That Leads to Pink Station Zero…

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Where do we even start?  So much has changed in the world and in our personal worlds since My Chemical Romance last took the stage on that day in Asbury Park in May of 2012.  Brett here, and I can only speak from personal experience that I, myself, know my life has changed a lot.  Clearly the members of MCR are not special in that regard as they have all seen a lot of change, too. Fortunately we’re being allowed to see that nearly year-and-a-half of change in a tangible way (no, that was not a pun).

Brandi and I have decided to dust off, but instead of spending the next 3 weeks writing posts that bring people who aren’t in the Twitter world up to date, we’ve decided to simply start moving…forward.  I think that’s what Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and Frank would want.  We don’t need a rehash of the past 18 months.  Let’s just get this juggernaut rolling again as it seems like it is a really great time to start coverage again.  So, without further ado, we carry on.


The biggest piece of news right now is that Gerard’s solo album, HESITANT ALIEN, is to be released on Warner Bros. records on September 30.  At, all the digital ordering information is available.  Those who pre-order will instantly receive a free download of the single, “No Shows.”

Speaking of “No Shows,” the official video for the song was released on August 19.  The bizarre video, which looks like it came out of an episode of the 1970′s and early 1980′s television show, Midnight Special, sees Gerard channeling a New Wave look.  Naturally, the vision comes together beautifully.


Last night Gerard performed to a 400-only crowd in Portsmouth, England.  He is in the UK to perform solo at the Reading and Leeds festivals.  Click HERE for 10 photos from the Portsmouth gig.  Stay tuned for Reading and Leeds coverage.


Ray Toro has launched his own website!  According to a blog posted by the man, himself, he is going to be entering the studio NEXT WEEK with Doug McKean “to track the first clutch of songs for my next project.”  He promises audio teasers, behind the scenes video, etc.  Really excited to see what the genius comes up with.

So, that is the first update of many yet to come.  I’m sorry if it’s been brief, but moving forward, keep checking back and My Chemical Freak will keep you updated.  Love you all and let’s start running.

- Brett

My Chemical Romance Greatest Hits Album Art


Above you can see what has been posted on Gerard Way’s official Twitter account. It looks to be the album art for the coming Greatest Hits album!

Gerard’s Selling His House!

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Want the ultimate Gerard collector’s item? Gerard and Lyn-Z have put their Los Angeles home on the market, as of Thursday, and for $1.899 million, it can be yours!

According to the real estate section of the L.A. Times, “the Tudor style home, built in 1980, features leaded glass windows, vaulted beamed ceilings and half-timbered exteriors.”

The article also notes that Mikey, too, has listed his L.A. home for $1.489 million.

Read the whole article HERE, complete with lots of great photos.

Brett’s note:  Gerard did mention on Twitter right around his birthday that he was in the market for a new home, still in Los Angeles area and had said he was sore from moving.

Gerard Way Explains The End Of My Chemical Romance

For several months now I have tried not to think about all the things that could have possibly led up to the ultimate break down of the “band” My Chemical Romance. I tried to take Gerard’s very confusing explanation and chock it up to not understanding them as individuals, but only as a band (or at least I thought I did). Then I read what Frank said about not knowing the band was truly broken up until the announcement on their official site; and honestly that left me reeling with anger. What could possibly cause someone to do something like that and not even explain it to his own band mates? I never pretended to know them as individuals, but I always tried to understand where they were coming from. I now have a new found respect for Gerard Way and this video below answers questions that, I am sure, all of us have had at some point or another. As for me, my heart genuinely aches right now.

Gerard Way… in his own words.

Video Credit: MCR5090

Greatest Hits Album

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It has been confirmed that a Greatest Hits album is going to be released on January 21, 2014.  What has ALSO been confirmed is that it is NOT going to be an album of new material.  Gerard did confirm this via Twitter, saying that “The release is a Greatest Hits Warner Bros. is putting out.”  He also noted that he is designing the packaging for said album.

Whether or not any previously unreleased bonus tracks will appear on the as-yet-to-be-titled Greatest Hits package remains to be seen.

Brett’s note: it is a common industry practice (and nearly unheard of these days not to) to include bonus, unreleased material on retrospective albums).

Sources: Alternative Press, Pup Fresh.

South Park features My Chemical Romance

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Is it My Chemical Romance or… My Medical Relationship?  That’s just one of the bands featured and parodied in the latest episode of South Park.  Entitled “Goth Kids 3: Dawn Of the Posers,” the episode finds the Goth Kids dealing with the stereotyping of “emos.”  Other bands that are featured in GK3 include Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, Hawthorne Heights, and, of course, Fall Out Boy.

Even Gerard tweeted his note of approval by saying, “South Park is great and I’m a fan of their other work as well. #southpark”

South Park airs on US channel, Comedy Central.