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My Chemical Romance Greatest Hits Album Art


Above you can see what has been posted on Gerard Way’s official Twitter account. It looks to be the album art for the coming Greatest Hits album!

Gerard’s Selling His House!

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Want the ultimate Gerard collector’s item? Gerard and Lyn-Z have put their Los Angeles home on the market, as of Thursday, and for $1.899 million, it can be yours!

According to the real estate section of the L.A. Times, “the Tudor style home, built in 1980, features leaded glass windows, vaulted beamed ceilings and half-timbered exteriors.”

The article also notes that Mikey, too, has listed his L.A. home for $1.489 million.

Read the whole article HERE, complete with lots of great photos.

Brett’s note:  Gerard did mention on Twitter right around his birthday that he was in the market for a new home, still in Los Angeles area and had said he was sore from moving.

Gerard Way Explains The End Of My Chemical Romance

For several months now I have tried not to think about all the things that could have possibly led up to the ultimate break down of the “band” My Chemical Romance. I tried to take Gerard’s very confusing explanation and chock it up to not understanding them as individuals, but only as a band (or at least I thought I did). Then I read what Frank said about not knowing the band was truly broken up until the announcement on their official site; and honestly that left me reeling with anger. What could possibly cause someone to do something like that and not even explain it to his own band mates? I never pretended to know them as individuals, but I always tried to understand where they were coming from. I now have a new found respect for Gerard Way and this video below answers questions that, I am sure, all of us have had at some point or another. As for me, my heart genuinely aches right now.

Gerard Way… in his own words.

Video Credit: MCR5090

Greatest Hits Album

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It has been confirmed that a Greatest Hits album is going to be released on January 21, 2014.  What has ALSO been confirmed is that it is NOT going to be an album of new material.  Gerard did confirm this via Twitter, saying that “The release is a Greatest Hits Warner Bros. is putting out.”  He also noted that he is designing the packaging for said album.

Whether or not any previously unreleased bonus tracks will appear on the as-yet-to-be-titled Greatest Hits package remains to be seen.

Brett’s note: it is a common industry practice (and nearly unheard of these days not to) to include bonus, unreleased material on retrospective albums).

Sources: Alternative Press, Pup Fresh.

South Park features My Chemical Romance

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Is it My Chemical Romance or… My Medical Relationship?  That’s just one of the bands featured and parodied in the latest episode of South Park.  Entitled “Goth Kids 3: Dawn Of the Posers,” the episode finds the Goth Kids dealing with the stereotyping of “emos.”  Other bands that are featured in GK3 include Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, Hawthorne Heights, and, of course, Fall Out Boy.

Even Gerard tweeted his note of approval by saying, “South Park is great and I’m a fan of their other work as well. #southpark”

South Park airs on US channel, Comedy Central.

Gerard in Kerrang! Magazine

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Gerard gets the cover of the latest issue of Kerrang! Magazine.  Billed as “Gerard Goes Solo,” it covers a lot of what was spoken of and revealed at the Graphic Event 2 weeks ago in Australia.  It goes into more depth on what his feelings were when MCR disbanded seven months ago, and hints at what he’s been up to since then.  It even sheds light into the trip he took to Texas and explains better what the photos he tweeted of Catholic missions, seemingly in Mexico, were all about.  Scans courtesy of @gerardwaypics.

Gerard Way performs “Millions” in Sydney, Australia!

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Remember Gerard tweeting the lyrics to a song called “Millions” that he had dreamed about the night before?  Fans attending Gerard’s appearance alongside Grant Morrison in Sydney, Australia, at the Sydney Opera House were treated to not only Gerard performing for the first time since MCR disbanded last night, but they were able to hear what “Millions” sounds like.  Fortunately, some intrepid attendee in the audience was able to capture the performance on audio, and it is now posted to YouTube.  Unsure of who the source of the original recording is, but if you’re reading this, please contact us and we will give proper credit, should you wish.  YouTube video of “Millions” is posted below.  This is AUDIO ONLY.

Avril’s Rock And Roll Video VS. Na Na Na Video

What say you?

Below we have MCR’s Na Na Na video for those of you who need to watch it again, that haven’t in a while.

And here is Avril’s new video Rock And Roll

It has been said that she means for the video to be funny, but clearly the similarities cannot be denied.

We aren’t alone in our thinking… also chimed in on the matter.

Not to mention the people who actually helped with art and acting on the video, Jonathan Rivera and Jimmy Urine. They took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Death Spells Developments


“We have a bunch of songs recorded, and I’m actually finishing the vocals in the next week or so on some of those. We did a short tour last month just to stretch our legs and knock the dust off the songs We are looking to get back out on the road again with Death Spells as soon as we can figure out a release schedule. [...] The plan is to have a Death Spells release out this year. I’d love to do a full tour with that as soon as it makes sense.”

That’s Frank’s latest statement that he’s been making about Death Spells, as reported by numerous outlets today, including this one on Punk Rock  It’s looking like we’re possibly going to have a new album from at least one member of MCR hopefully before the end of the year!  Fingers crossed.

Aquabats! News


“He described Gerard’s directorial style as “Just really collaborative and fun! It was like making a silly movie with your pals in the backyard. It really feels like we’re 11-year-olds shooting a movie on VHS. Jason Devilliers, our director, and I are like big kids and Gerard fit in with us like a brother from another mother.”  Those are the words of Christian Jacobs, co-creator of The Aquabats! Super Show.

Read more about his collaboration with BOTH Way brothers, courtesy of Starpulse.

Remember, Gerard’s episode of The Aquabats! airs on June 29 on The Hub.

UPDATE: if you haven’t checked out Gerard’s Twitter feed in the past 24 hours, he sure to!  He’s posted a ton of behind-the-scenes photos of the Aquabats! shoot as well as sketches of a Batman series he proposed to DC Comics back in the day! Epic stuff!